The Fiji Instances » Pending staff’ compensation instances

Opposition MP Mikaele Leawere recently raised concerns that a Labor Department task force identified 3,276 pending employee compensation cases.

During the debate in Parliament on the audit of the Employee Compensation Trust Fund for August 2017 to May 2018, he said the Standing Committee on Public Finance had found that the progress of the cases was not being effectively tracked to ensure that the processes were within the approved time frame were completed.

Mr Leawere said he hoped the Department of Labor had determined what to do over the past few years. “Due to the provisions of Section 14 (1) and (2) of the law, there were delays in enforcement,” he said.

“With the ACCF (Aczid Compensation Commission Fiji), however, we hope that these pending cases will be dealt with in a timely manner.”

In his contribution to the debate, Minister of Labor Parveen Kumar said on May 31, 2021: “The Ministry has identified 2537 cases, of which 2309 were injuries and 228 fatalities, representing 77 percent of the total pending cases”.

“As we are all aware, these responsibilities have now shifted to ACCF.

The ministry is determined to release the remaining 23 percent after all due process is followed, ”he said.

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