Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Bans Authorities-Issued Vaccine Passports One Month After Rescinding Masks Mandate

Texas Republicans Governor Greg Abbott, still under fire for the failed power grid disaster that killed nearly 200 people, has just signed an ordinance banning the government-enactedVaccination recordsThey claim they violate “personal freedoms”.

“Texas is returning to normal every day as more people get the COVID vaccine,” Abbott said in a video that has just been released. “But as I’ve always said, these vaccines are always voluntary and never forced.”

“The government shouldn’t require a Texan to provide proof of vaccination and private health information,” he added.

Texas requires at least seven vaccinations for children to go to school.

Vaccination records have become a focus on the right, where even the largest groups of Americans refuse to be vaccinated or wear masks. The so-called passports are not endorsed by the government, but by companies that want to reopen quickly and securely while protecting their employees and customers at the same time.

The move comes a month after Abbott lifted the nationwide mask mandate. The coronavirus numbers from Texas should be scrutinized: the state ranks 38th in the per capita tests for the coronavirus.

Here is Governor Abbott:

Sound on: pic.twitter.com/UgrO6YFgxh

– Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) April 6, 2021

Texas Post Governor Greg Abbott, who bans government-issued vaccination certificates a month after the mask mandate was lifted, first appeared in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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