Ted Cruz Will No Longer Put on a Masks within the Senate Regardless of CDC Pointers and Rising COVID Instances

US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) apparently attempted to deliver a Soundbite speech for Fox News on Tuesday while falsely characterizing the LGBTQ Equality Act and its implications for “freedom of religion”. Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) would not allow Cruz’s political stature to stand in the way of an important hearing for confirmation.

Cruz, who has been under fire for months for various scandals, including his role in the January 6 riot, even snapped a photo of him holding a case of bottled water after his excursion to Cancun when he was millions left his constituents in the United States with no electricity or water in the middle of a sub-freezing winter storm.

On Tuesday, Cruz tried the “freedom of religion” approach and attacked the civil rights advocate Vanita Gupta.

Gupta, the President and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, is President Joe Biden’s nomination for Associate Attorney General. Cruz incorrectly phrased his question and tried to put Gupta in a difficult position without her completing her answer.

“Do you agree to the provisions that remove the RFRA’s protection of religious freedom from Americans?” an argumentative Cruz asked Gupta.

The LGBTQ Equality Act does not “touch” the protection of religious freedom by the Law Restoring Religious Freedom from Americans. It is said that the law cannot be used as a basis for discrimination against LGBTQ people. Cruz attacked LGBTQ activists last year claiming they were conducting “jihad” against Christians.

Gupta tried to answer and present her position. She didn’t get far.

“Senator, let me start by saying that freedom of religion is incredibly important to me. I am a person of faith. My family is shaped by deep and enduring faith. And the freedom of establishment of this country was rooted in freedom of religion. I have defended religious freedom throughout my career when I was in the Justice Department. I started a collaboration to protect religious freedom. “

“I appreciate that, but our time is limited -” said Cruz, not wanting Gupta’s background to be promoted and cut her off.

“Senator, Senator, it is only fair to allow her to complete her response,” Chairman Durbin told the Texas Tea Party Senator.

Cruz didn’t want Durbin to set the rules.

“Mr. Chairman, I understand she has things to say, but I asked if she supports the repeal of RFRA,” said Cruz, admitting that he is lying about the LGBTQ Equality Act, which is the act to restore religious freedom does not abolish.

“Senator, if you want to make a speech, you can make a speech,” Durbin replied before Cruz cut him off.

“I ask a question, I ask a question, and I understand that you support your nomination, so make a speech, but I ask a question,” Cruz repeated.

“I beg you to allow her to answer,” Durbin stated again.

“She didn’t answer,” said Cruz unfairly. “She can answer the question. The question is, do you support the Equality Act’s repeal of RFRA’s protection of religious freedom for Americans? “Said Cruz, again mistakenly stating what the LGBTQ Equality Act does.

“Senator, I support RFRA,” replied Gupta. “I enforced RFRA regulations and the Department of Justice has to enforce the law. The Ministry of Justice enforces and protects religious freedom. It also enforces our nation’s anti-discrimination laws. “

Cruz was not satisfied again and interrupted Gupta again.

“Let me try again. Do you support RFRA’s repeal of religious freedom through the Equality Act? He asked and lied again about what the legislation is doing.

“Senator, if sustained as Associate Attorney General, my duty will be to enforce religious freedom laws and the Department of Justice’s anti-discrimination laws -“

And again Cruz interrupted Gupta.

Okay, you refuse to reply to that too. “


Senator Dick Durbin to Senator Ted Cruz: “Senator, if you want to make a speech, you can make a speech, but if you ask a question, have it respond.” Pic.twitter.com/KXJxeFnKVV

– The Hill (@thehill) March 9, 2021

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