Recording Between Rudy Giuliani and Ukraine Official Reveals Outright ‘Quid Professional Quo’

CNN has revealed the recording of the call between Rudy Giuliani and top adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during which the former president’s lawyer pressured the country to investigate the conspiracy theories surrounding current President Joe Biden.

The call from 2019 took place between the US diplomat Kurt Volker and Selenskyj’s aid Andriy Yermak and took place in front of the notorious “consideration” of then President Donald Trump, in which he demanded a “favor” for helping Ukraine.

“During the roughly 40-minute call, Giuliani Yermak said repeatedly that Zelenskyi should publicly announce investigations into possible corruption by Biden in Ukraine and allegations that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 elections to harm Trump,” it said the report’s allegations are both untrue. “

“Everything we need from the president [Zelensky] that is, I will hire an honest prosecutor to investigate and dig up the evidence that currently exists and whether there is any other evidence of participation in the 2016 election, and then the Biden thing must end, “Giuliani said, according to Audio on the call. “… Somebody in Ukraine has to take this seriously.”

“I received information from a reliable investigator, an international investigator, that there was some activity during the 2016 elections in Ukraine,” Giuliani once told Yermak, using another false claim that the US embassy tried , “then to produce dirt”. -Candidates Trump and Paul Manafort. “

“Another was involved with (George) Soros … Soros seems to be behind a lot,” claimed Giuliani of the liberal billionaire whom the right likes to conspire over.

Giuliani then brought up the conspiracy theory that Biden would not give Ukraine any money unless it fired a top prosecutor in the state that the international community believed was corrupt.

“It sounds like bribery to me as a lawyer,” said Giuliani. “A bribe offers something valuable in return for official actions. So he offered Poroshenko a $ 1.2 billion loan guarantee, which is vital to Poroshenko’s success as president, in exchange for the dismissal of an attorney general. “

CNN reported that Guiliani kept repeating the necessity of the investigation, even claiming diplomatic relations between the US and Ukraine would improve if the investigation were opened, another example of a consideration principle.

Giuliani and Volker both told the Ukrainian official that such a public announcement would surely ensure an approved visit to the US for Zelenskyi, a third bribe.

“That would clean the air really well,” said Giuliani in the recording. “And I think it would allow me to come and make it possible for me to speak to the President (Trump) to see what I can do to make sure that all misunderstandings are put aside … I think somehow “that this could be a good thing to have a much better relationship.”

Read the full report on and listen to a snippet of the audio below:

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