Proper-Wingers on Parler Name for Bloody Civil Battle After SCOTUS Dumps Trump’s Bogus Election Fraud Case

After the Supreme Court refused to hear Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s case, which is about to cast hundreds of thousands of votes in four swing states, the right wing of Parler, the far-right version of Twitter, is literally calling on Trump To deploy the military and the military, conservative states are leaving the Union and essentially creating the conditions for a bloody civil war.

Here is a selection of different messages on Parler:

“Time for the succession… When even the Supreme Court of the GOP majority does not hear the corruption allegations of the citizens in the election process; then we must create our own country from all those who betray us of our given rights !! “

“I’m damn it !!!! Patriots will NOT allow these filthy thieving Democrats to take over this election from our only Hero President Donald J. Trump !!! If it’s sold out then the Supreme Court doesn’t have to stand up for DJT, then we HAVE to boycott the runoff to show the so-called Republicans how much. “

“Trump won’t let that stand. In no case will Biden be initiated. The enemies of our nation cannot take over their government. That’s why we have a military. “

“Do we just sit back in our lazy lounge chairs and moan about it, or do we get up and take action? It’s time.”

“Trump has to declare war. We are under attack “

“#Texit Texas Must End”



This choice was nothing but a fraud. Keller Biden has more votes than Obama ?! Yes exactly. Dems want to play ?! Let’s play something. New game, new rules. Except this time the Reds win. “

It’s a little hot on Parler….

– George Conway (@ gtconway3d) December 12, 2020

So I visited Parler to see how MAGA handled the SCOTUS judgment. Not. Well.

– MomJovi (@MomJovi) December 12, 2020

In related news, Vice noted that even the extreme right-wing is leaving Parler because there are no Liberals, Democrats, and progressives to argue with. The website features a lot of pornography, including child pornography. and fraudsters were able to impersonate right-wing leaders and create fraudulent verified accounts for them.

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