Professional-Trump Propagandist Charlie Kirk Blasted for Siding With Putin Over Biden

Charlie Kirk Twitter is less supportive these days, as the man it promoted for four years was banned from the social media platform two months ago.

The far-right conspiracy theorist and propagandist, who had niche up by milking the right wing, claimed conservative college students were being silenced because their views were and remain extremely unpopular, especially among educated Americans, and decided on Thursday to go to Vladimir To give support to Putin’s path.

In the past 24 hours, President Joe Biden has launched an offensive against the Russian President. After the federal government’s intelligence community released a report clarifying that Russia attacked the US elections again last year to hand over the White House to Donald Trump, Biden warned Putin that there was a “price to be paid”.

And, ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos agreed that he’s a “killer.”

The rhetoric quickly escalated and Russia drove its ambassador and Putin insane, eventually insisting that Biden “debate” him online – a tactic used by far-right Americans on social media, and some wondered where they were they had learned.

But instead of honoring his country and defending its president, Kirk decided to attack Biden and lend his support to the murderous Russian dictator while praising Trump.


Vladimir Putin challenged Joe Biden to a live, scriptless debate

Biden’s weakness is then the mockery of the world.

I wonder why that never happened when Trump was president.

– Charlie Kirk (@ charliekirk11) March 18, 2021

Donald Trump Jr., who is reportedly close friends with Kirk, made a similar statement:

Putin has just challenged Joe Biden to a live, unwritten debate.

The whole world knows we have no leadership at the top, just a blank suit with a teleprompter (and he can’t even get this right).

You are just looking at America’s weakness and salivating.

– Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 18, 2021

Kirk got busted on social media:

Pro-Trump expert Charlie Kirk prefers to take Russia’s side vis-à-vis the United States.

– Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) March 18, 2021

Vladimir Putin is a KGB agent.

(There are no previous ones.)

Charlie Kirk is a commie sell-out

That’s all.

– Ferrets Against Conspiracy Theories (@MeAndMyFerrets) March 18, 2021

WOW!!! There it is people who support Charlie the leader of a foreign power over the leader of the USA!

Let there be no more discussion about who pays their bills!

– Hypnotized Chicken – Mathemachicken (@ JustAwful4) March 18, 2021

So Trump Jr and Charlie Kirk actually think that it is “his own” for Putin to challenge Biden to an unscripted debate? Trump in Helsinki was historically embarrassing. How someone can think Trump hard afterwards is a mystery to me.

– Seth Daire (@SethDaire) March 18, 2021

Wow, you, Charlie Kirk and Putin are all on one side. Has Putin’s office sent you a press release?

– Karen S (@ rkstrong45) March 18, 2021

Trump prostrated himself to Putin, denounced US intelligence and declared Putin the biggest, strongest and most intelligent person alive. Was it the weakest point in US history? But you keep telling us how scared Putin would be to go head to toe with Trump. #HelsinkiSummit

– David Rothschild (@DavMicRot) March 18, 2021

You know why it never happened: Trump was a puppet of Putin, and Trump never challenged him, so no “debate” was required.

– Steve Michel (@pstevemichel) March 18, 2021

And by the way, you are an astute traitor.

– Steve Metz (@steven_metz) March 18, 2021

It didn’t happen because Donald Trump was willing to humiliate himself and the United States in favor of Vladimir Putin

– Max Kennerly (@MaxKennerly) March 18, 2021

When Donald Trump took Putin’s side against our own intelligence agencies, no debate was necessary.

– Mike 😷 Hamm (@mike_hamm), March 18, 2021

With Trump, that didn’t happen because there’s no need to challenge someone to lick your boots as a hobby.

– Tara (@hereforallthis) March 18, 2021

So are you rooted in this exchange for Putin?

– Siraj Hashmi at Gitmo Gulag (@SirajAHashmi) March 18, 2021

You are fixated on Putin and you are proud of that. What a patriot.

– Allen Altcoin (@AllenAltcoin) March 18, 2021

Charlie is here, only openly carrying water for Donald Trump’s Russian handlers.

– SO MUCH PROFIT ✊🏽 (@rzrbladecupcake) March 18, 2021

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