Professional-Trump Jan. 6 Organizers Are Again at Work on Former President’s Actions

Former President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters remain convinced that he won and indeed lost the election, and they are waiting for him to start campaigning for the 2024 election.

The twice-indicted one-year-old president issued a statement after his Senate acquittal promised he had “much to share” with his supporters in the coming months, but some of the planners of the deadly January 6 uprising are back at work , reported The Daily Beast.

“Anyone who ignores the supporters of President Trump, also known as the #MAAGA movement, does so at their own risk,” tweeted Amy Kremer, founder of Women for America First. “We’re here to stay and we’re not going anywhere.”

Kremer, a former tea party activist, received an event permit for the rally on January 6th and first tweeted the venue – “just steps from the White House” – and hosted an extremely popular Facebook page “Stop The Steal”, the Trump drew supporters to Washington, DC

Since his Senate acquittal, she has fueled Trump’s false claims of electoral fraud, and Kremer also helped promote a Presidents’ Day rally near Mar-A-Lago.

“With impeachment, many right-wing organizers may come and go with the acquittal as a kind of permit to start organizing more openly,” said Jared Holt, who oversees the right-wing organization at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research laboratory.

Ali Alexander, another Stop The Steal organizer who has denied instigating the violence that followed, has resumed his efforts to stir up anger among supporters of the defeated president.

“I can put you into service,” he wrote on Telegram last week. “Stand by.”

Alexander, a convicted felon, has claimed that Republican lawmakers helped him plan the January 6 rally, and since Trup’s acquittal has been turning the dial on his rhetoric.

“There are three results ahead of us,” he wrote in the telegram. “1. Civil War 2nd Civil War 3rd Concession. And we don’t get a license. “

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