People Involved After ‘Loopy Individual’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Accosts AOC

Americans express concern about US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene after the Georgia GOP approached Congressman New York Democratic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez MP before the congress on Wednesday.

Green “aggressively confronts” Ocasio-Cortez, the Washington Post reports, “falsely accusing her of supporting” terrorists “and leading the New York Congressmen’s office to call on the leadership to ensure that Congress is” a safer, civil place for all members and “remains employee. ‘”

What happened is reminiscent of Greene’s disturbing stalking of David Hogg when she ran after and chased the young gun control activist who yelled at him and even said she was carrying a gun.

“Two Washington Post reporters saw Ocasio-Cortez (NY) leave the chamber of the house late Wednesday afternoon before Greene (Ga.) Called ‘Hey Alexandria’ twice to get their attention,” the Post reported. “When Ocasio-Cortez kept running, Greene picked up her pace and started yelling at her and asking why she supported Antifa, a loose group of left-wing activists, and Black Lives Matter, who they mistakenly call” terrorists ” Designated groups. Greene also called out that Ocasio-Cortez could not defend her “radical socialist” beliefs by refusing to publicly debate the newcomer from Georgia. “

Some on social media warn that the Greene poses a potential threat to the physical safety of members of Congress, while others accuse Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy of failing to control his caucus and doing his job.

Journalist Victoria Brownworth reminds Americans that “Marjorie Taylor Greene was running for office to take out AOC and the team. She posed with a semi-automatic weapon pointed at a photo of AOC and them – all WOC. Greene is a threat to AOC and other WOCs in the home. Kevin McCarthy needs to address that. “

She adds:

This is multiple times that Marjorie Taylor Greene threatened AOC. Several. Times.

– Victoria Brownworth (@VABVOX) May 13, 2021

Here’s how some respond to Greene’s actions:

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t realize how ridiculously stupid she sounds when she accuses Rep. Ocasio-Cortez of supporting terrorists. Remind me again who supported the January 6th terrorists?

– Amy Lynn @ (@AmyAThatcher) May 13, 2021

If someone in your office acted like Marjorie Taylor Greene, they wouldn’t be in your office the next day. BUT in Kevin McCarthy’s fake Trump World Congress, it’s all peach colored when an idiot throws his own shit at people who walk by.

– Mr. Newberger (@jeremynewberger), May 13, 2021

It just seems like a matter of time before Marjorie Taylor-Greene attacks someone on the hill and then we get a tearful non-excuse for how stressed or scared she is or something?

Drive them out of the house. Enough is enough.

– Charlotte Clymer @ (@cmclymer) May 13, 2021

A reminder that Marjorie Taylor Greene is a QAnon conspirator! The GQP mainstream and encouraged this crazy person who lacks the decency to be anywhere near our Congress.

– Amy Siskind @ (@Amy_Siskind) May 13, 2021

This is the tactic Marge used when chasing David Hogg. A leopard doesn’t change places.

Here is a link about Marge’s behavior from April. It looks like things are escalating. Https://

– Ann Spadafora (@ALJWS) May 13, 2021

QAnon Marjorie Taylor Greene aggressively confronts Rep. Ocasio-Cortez for supporting BLM and calling them terrorists … Has MTG hit your party or yourself? Has she forgotten who played a role in the uprising? AOC it’s time for you to file an injunction …..

– “Rowan Moon” (@oXxRowanxXo), May 13, 2021

AOC ignored Marjorie Taylor Greene’s incessant Twitter requests for a “head-to-head” public

Margorie is so desperate that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez gives her some air.

Being ignored is the greatest harm to someone like her.


– Hana Perez🌊 (@ HanaPerez88) May 13, 2021

Let the GOP be more outraged that Liz Cheney is telling the truth about a presidential election than Marjorie Taylor Greene inciting violence against her peers.

– Robert Reich (@RBReich) May 12, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene was supposed to form a support group with Ben Shapiro for racist idiots who challenged AOC to debate and were ignored.

– The Fugitive Mermaid (@OhNoSheTwitnt) May 13, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene stalked MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yesterday as if she were a victim of school shootings outside the Chamber of the House, yelling things about “terrorists” and “antifa” while AOC ignored her.

Could someone tell Marge that she just isn’t that into you? GROSS!

– Kyla In The Burgh (@KylaInTheBurgh) May 13, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene is mentally unstable. She supports the uprising against our nation, spreads QANON conspiracies, displays war weapons, molested survivors of the school shooting @ davidhogg111 and is now following @AOC. She has to be disarmed.

– Newtown Action (@NewtownAction) May 13, 2021

Let me be clear, the lady who called for Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi to be executed called @AOC a terrorist sympathizer?

– David Weissman (@davidmweissman) May 13, 2021

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