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Acting Director of US Customs and Immigration Services for President Donald Trump, Ken CuccinelliThere was national outrage on Wednesday after a new USCIS policy was released stealing automatic citizenship at birth from some children of overseas military and foreign service members.

Instead of automatically obtaining citizenship, some children are required to apply for US citizenship. Previously, they were considered born on US soil and therefore automatically received citizenship.

The outrage was instant and palpable after a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle posted the news on Twitter.

Today USCIS issued guidance that the DHS will no longer consider the children of US Government and US Forces personnel living outside the US to be resident in order to obtain citizenship “- http: / /

– Tal Kopan (@TalKopan) August 28, 2019

Spokesman Pelosi was just one of the countless people angry about this recent attack on members of the U.S. military and external services.

America’s overseas soldiers and diplomats are among the best in our nation, but @realDonaldTrump attacks their families and questions the citizenship of their overseas-born children. This shameful policy must be reversed immediately.

– Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) August 29, 2019

Some say this is a first step by anti-immigrant Cuccinelli to end the birthright. The right – guaranteed by the Constitution but denied by many Republicans, including President Trump – that anyone born on US soil is automatically a US citizen.

The outrage has continued. #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies is a trending on Twitter. Check out some of the responses to the Trump administration’s new policy:

From the moment that cowardly man said John McCain wasn’t a hero because he was captured, I knew something was wrong.

Then he dismantled Khizr Khan.

Then he deported veterans.

Now he is denying US citizenship to veteran children born overseas. # TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) August 29, 2019

WHY does @realDonaldTrump treat American military babies as undocumented and under suspicion?

Anti-immigrants and anti-military? #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– David Leavitt (@David_Leavitt) August 29, 2019

Prohibited transgender members.

Offended Gold Star families.

Deported veterans.

Song about raise.

Called Veterans with Mild PTSD.

Attacked prisoners of war.

Called a widow a liar.

Stripped of US citizenship from babies born overseas.


– Travis Akers (@travisakers) August 29, 2019

My father was an army officer, which is why I was born in a military hospital – where military doctors saved my life as a baby.

WHY does #Trump treat American military babies as undocumented and under suspicion?

Anti-immigrants and anti-military? #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– Rev. Cornell William Brooks (@CornellWBrooks) August 29, 2019

@ JoeBiden came out condemning Trump’s moves. Will reverse on day 1. Obviously #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies publish other Cantidate statements.

– Malcolm Nance (@MalcolmNance) August 29, 2019

I get so sorry that the US is a greedy country, but now we have a fascist leader. Do you know what kind of leaders we waged wars against? Now don’t even foreign-born babies have a Citezen ship? Are Trump supporters happy with that? #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– CL Smith (@ starkgirl133) August 29, 2019

A man too chicken-shit to serve himself screws the brave into doing what he wouldn’t!

In fact, his entire family managed to avoid serving for FIVE GENERATIONS! #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– Mary H. Anderson (@ MaryHAnderson5) August 29, 2019

If Trump were good for military and veteran families, this report and my advocacy would not be necessary.

If I go to Washington, it’s because there is an emergency problem.

Our healthcare system is under attack, GI bill payments are missing, SNAP is being cut. # TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– Red T Raccoon (@RedTRaccoon) August 29, 2019

Our brave women and men in uniform, who risk their lives every day and avoid Cadet Bonespurs, will not consider their children as citizens if they are born abroad?

People who get upset about kneeling during the anthem, but OK with THIS?

STFU. # TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) August 29, 2019

Just think how twisted that is. Trump’s administration says if active members of OUR OWN MILITARY give birth while stationed overseas, their children are not considered U.S. citizens. That goes beyond racism. It’s madness. # TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– Andrew Wortman (@AmoneyResists) August 29, 2019

I come from a military family.

My father and mother served in the US Air Force. My father fought in Vietnam and my mother mended soldiers.

It is sick to hear that citizenship is now getting difficult for children born overseas in military families.

Believes #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies

– Tonya Sims (@TonyaSims) August 29, 2019

Image from The White House via Flickr

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