Pence Chief of Workers Made Determination on Masks That Paved the Manner for Them to Be Politicized – Resulting in Huge Loss of life

In 2020 Marc Kurz, then Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, made a fateful decision that paved the way for the politicization of masking. Had he made a different decision, innumerable human lives could have been saved.

Short, who once served as executive director of the far-right Young America’s Foundation, “focused on the political and economic implications of the coronavirus response and approached many public health decisions by considering how they would be perceived” , reveals the Washington Post. This report comes from an in-depth look at the response to the Trump pandemic presented in the new book, “Nightmare Scenario: In The Trump Administration’s Response To The Pandemic That Changed History,” by Washington Post journalists Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta is described in detail.

In what is possibly the most damaging of these decisions, Short broke a plan that went far enough to already put in place a public relations campaign to send face masks to every household in America. The Dept. of Health and Human Services supported the program, while other reports revealed that the U.S. Postal Service was also working on it.

If it had been executed, “some health experts think” [it] would have depoliticized wearing masks, “reports The Post, but Short believed it would” unnecessarily alarm people. “

Coverage of the previous post found that the program would have inundated the nation with 650 million face masks, five for every U.S. household.

Short has a long history of focusing on optics rather than fact-based communication to the public. As early as the 1990s, he described efforts to educate the public that HIV and AIDS not only affect gays as “propaganda campaigns”, “bias campaigns” and “deliberate deception”.

And he called gays “sodomites” while attacking “the perverse lifestyles that homosexuals pursue” and warned against “glorifying the repulsive practices of homosexuals”.

Briefly tested positive for coronavirus in October.

Americans were already alarmed, but Short and the White House’s focus on optics and faking the coronavirus isn’t as dangerous and deadly as it actually is, Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator, on hundreds of thousands of deaths that would have been preventable.

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