Pelosi to Transmit Impeachment Article to Senate Monday – Triggering Trial of Trump to Begin Subsequent Week

An ethics complaint has been filed against three Republican members of Congress for their participation in the events leading up to the violent and deadly attempted coup on January 6th in the US Capitol.

Representative. Madison Cawthorn from North Carolina and Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs of Arizona is charged by the Campaign for Accountability, a government ethics watchdog founded by two former CREW members, of “using a seditious conspiracy to prevent Congress from fulfilling its constitutional and legal obligations to count the votes of the To meet electoral college “.

If the House Ethics Bureau determines that any or all three Republicans are violating federal law, the group will seek expulsion.

Cawthorn spoke at President Trump’s rally on January 6 (photo), barely hours before the armed uprising.

“This crowd is having some fighting,” Cawthorn told Trump’s MAGA supporters. “The Democrats, with all the scams they committed in these elections, the Republicans who are hiding and not fighting, are trying to silence your vote. Make no mistake, they don’t want you to be heard. “

North Carolina’s WLOS reports that “despite his tweets of millions of patriotic Americans advocating their country,” Cawthorn said he felt no guilt for what happened on the day of the coup attempt.

“I don’t think I was responsible for them attacking the Capitol,” said Cawthorn.

Two days before the domestic terrorist attack, he published the following:

January 6th is approaching, the future of this republic depends on the actions of a few.

Get ready, the fate of a nation rests on our shoulders, yours and mine. Let’s show Washington that our backbone is made of steel and titanium.

It is time to fight.

– Madison Cawthorn (@CawthornforNC) January 4, 2021

Gosar and Biggs also have significant responsibilities, according to the main organizer.

“Far-right activist Ali Alexander, who supported Trump’s supporters prior to the election of Congress, has claimed that he planned a rally that preceded the uprising with the support of Gosar and Biggs,” reports The Hill, citing an article in the Washington Post .

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