Black civil rights group urges Instagram to droop Azealia Banks over “transphobic tirade”

Azealia Banks – Photo: Fiver, via Wikimedia Commons.

Rapper Azealia Banks beats up the LGBTQ community again after being criticized for comments describing her as Jewish.

Banks, who is bisexual, recently visited her Instagram account to announce her engagement to Ryder Ripps. She shared a picture of Ripp’s proposal and a picture of her new engagement ring with a menorah.

“I said yes!!!” Banks wrote on the photo and added in the caption: “I just got engaged. I’m crying 😭…. I am a Jew now. MAZEL TOV bitches! WE HERE…. YERRRRRRR. ”

But Banks’ Jewish fans struggled with the post, telling the rapper she had to convert to Judaism to become Jewish, and not just get engaged to a Jewish man.

To defend himself, Banks issued a series of responses using transphobic remarks and stereotypes, explaining to the fan that sex confirmation surgery in trans women was akin to “castration” and that society was “mental gymnastics” do to accept trans women should be accepted as jewish for marriage and sex with ripps.

“I’m trying to tell transgirls that spaying doesn’t automatically make them a woman, but if society can do the mental gymnastics to lie and tell them that an egg-free person who is still producing sperm is a woman and lets her rock, you guys all bend the rules to accept this newly black Jewish coochie. I’m a Jew now … you can’t stop me, ”Banks wrote.

She also wrote: “[W]Why can you chop your cock and say you are a girl but I can’t catch the jewish nut and say i am jew? Stop trying to shut black people out from everything. “

In another post she called trans women “just hot gay guys with smacked faces and plastic surgery”.

“I live for the trans girls, but the trans shit isn’t a problem,” she added. “Only gay boys with hormones that use male aggression to force their way into women’s rooms.”

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The National Black Justice Coalition, a civil rights group devoted to empowering black LGBTQ + and same-sex people, called on Banks for her transphobic comments, accusing her of using her public persona and Instagram account to attack trans people.

The organization also urged Instagram to suspend Banks’ account for her hateful remarks.

“Azealia Banks’ recent transphobic rant is another example of why it should be suspended from Instagram. Unfortunately, while their attacks on transsexuals are predictable, they contribute to the disproportionate violence transsexuals face in the US and around the world, “NBJC executive director David Johns said in a statement.

“With at least seven of our trans siblings murdered in the US this year alone, we are well on the way to making 2021 the deadliest year for transgender people. Violence against transsexuals is a national crisis – and Azealia Banks ’criticisms only make this growing crisis worse,” added Johns. “Instagram must stop banks from using their platform to spread hatred and transphobia.”

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This isn’t the first time Banks has made anti-LGBTQ comments on social media. In response to what she found criticizing her religious beliefs – she claims to worship the goddess Yemayá, the protective spirit of motherhood and rivers in the Yoruba religion – Banks in December accused the gay community of “horse culture Men wear leather harnesses, recreational use of ketamine, which is used as an anesthetic for horses, and must use lubricant to have sex.

In 2015, Banks was filmed calling a flight attendant a “fucking fagot”, and in 2016 he was banned from Twitter for making racist and homophobic comments on One Direction singer Zayn Malik. In 2019, she railed about pre-exposure prophylaxis, calling it a “death trap” and implying that people on PrEP had indiscriminate sexual relationships with random people and were “sex addicted.” She later apologized for these remarks, but then said goodbye to her gay fans in an Instagram post, claiming that gay people are “in a lot of shit” and “people I just don’t find value in”.

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