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The governor of New York signs law to protect workers against infectious diseases

A law to protect against the spread of airborne diseases is set to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

To prevent airborne infectious diseases, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed law requiring the state to establish model standards for occupational exposure to an airborne infectious disease.

According to an article, P. 6768 called on June 7th 120-29 and May 26th the Senate 48-15 for different exposure levels of airborne infectious diseases “and” to account for the circumstances in which due an airborne infectious disease has been declared a state of emergency or not ”.

P. 6768 contains discrimination provisions that prohibit employers from threatening, selling, or taking adverse action against workers for reporting unsafe working conditions or refusing to work “if that worker reasonably believes in good faith that they are doing the job or exposes others to an unreasonable risk of exposure to an airborne infectious disease because of working conditions that are inconsistent with any law, rule, policy or order of any government agency. ”

As noted in the article, the law contains provisions governing lawsuits against employers, including payment of legal fees by the employee or his or her representative lawyer. Find out more about insurance and employee compensation due to COVID-19 here.

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