New Video Reveals Damning Proof of How Trump’s Speech – in Actual Time – Incited the Capitol Rebel

“Strong evidence of incitement”

A new video and report released by New York University School of Law’s Just Security reveals amazing damn evidence of how President Donald Trump’s carefully crafted January 6 speech to rallyers sparked the Capitol uprising barely hours later.

The video (excerpted below) includes clips of user-created footage, most of which were uploaded to Parler, a social media platform that has drawn white supremacists and other far-right members, and shows how Trump’s words were recorded in real time and how the participants who have been invited and urged for weeks by Trump, his team and his allies to respond to and interpret his remarks.

These video clips show “how the crowd reacted in real time to some of the strongest lines in Trump’s speech on the Ellipse,” write Ryan Goodman and Justin Hendrix of Just Security. “The videos, along with other information in the public recording, provide strong evidence of a causal link between Trump’s messages to his supporters and their dangerous, illegal behavior. The chronological video collection also shows how Trump, among other things, put the life of Vice President Mike Pence in great danger. “

Remember, Trump had tweeted about the January 6 rally weeks earlier, telling supporters it was going to be “wild”.

He must also have known how his attacks on the results of a free and fair election worked, as his social media team reportedly monitored not only Facebook and Twitter, but right-wing social media platforms like Parler, Gab, numerous groups as well on Reddit, along with the QAnon groups.

During his impeachment trial in the Senate, Trump will reportedly attempt to advance the argument that he was merely invoking his Jan 6th initial adjustment rights, but he must have clearly known the impact his words would have.

Just before his father turned to Donald Trump, who would soon become an insurgent and indigenous terrorist. Jr. recorded a video of the president in a tent on the stage and gleefully watched the already pent-up crowd explode into rioting.

Former Attorney Paul Butler told Just Security that the “video contains strong evidence that Trump instigated the insurrection, whether or not it was his intention.” The rioter’s words, “We were invited here” were spot on, and the chorus, “Fight for Trump,” responded directly to Trump’s demand. In criminal law, we would say that this video proves the act, but maybe not the mental state – that Trump intended to start the uprising or knew it would happen because of his words. “

Here is a two-minute excerpt from the ten-minute video:

New footage: shows the crowd’s immediate reaction to Trump’s strongest remarks at the January 6 speech.

Verdict: Strong evidence of incitement.

Here is a 2 minute clip from the full 10 minute video @just_security.

(via @justinhendrix and me) #impeachment #Incitement #sedition

– Ryan Goodman (@rgoodlaw) January 25, 2021

Editor’s note: YouTube was quick to remove the Just Security video from their platform claiming it was against community guidelines. If it’s available on another platform we’ll embed or link it as soon as it’s available.

Full video:

“Fight for Trump” Just Security – Inciting Justin Hendrix on Vimeo to the US Capitol.

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