NBC White Home Correspondent Says Gun Security and Voting Rights Are ‘Far-Left Points’

NBC White House correspondent Shannon Pettypiece said this week that gun safety reform and the right to vote are “far left.”

Pettypiece made the remark during a discussion on MSNBC about the Democrats’ efforts to advance voting rights legislation.

According to the reporter, White House officials “spend a fair amount of time contacting Joe Manchin”.

“What’s an issue that a moderate Democrat like Joe Manchin would like to have? Infrastructure, ”she stated. “So, you know, the White House isn’t moving hard on these far left issues.”

“I’m sure they say they support the voting rights law,” Pettypiece continued. “Sure, you say you would like to see gun reform laws, but are you working hard to get these items next on the agenda of Congress? Not necessarily at this point. “

“From what I’ve been told, President Biden Joe Manchins’ instincts may be closer than those of other Democratic Party members,” she added.

Check out the video below from MSNBC.

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