‘My Information Is From the Bible’ – This Invoice Would ‘Basically Manipulate’ Society

Chuck Grassley, Member of the Judiciary Ranking (R-IA) condemned LGBTQ equality law during his opening speech and made numerous false and inflammatory remarks during Wednesday’s hearing about the laws that have been tabled in various forms in almost every congress since the 1970s.

Grassley, an elderly statesman serving as President Emeritus of the United States Senate, wasted no time attacking the bill, saying it would “change the way our society deals with issues such as gender, gender, and beliefs. fundamentally manipulate “.

He also said he “strongly suspects” that legislation would “dictate what women, schools, churches and doctors must believe”.

In his remarks, he also explicitly referred to transgender girls as “biological men”. While working for anti-trans talks, he mentioned a teenage cisgender student who was “forced to go up against biological men.”

Sen. Grassley addresses Chelsea Mitchell, ADF’s Connecticut client – the most popular (and one of their only) case of trans athletes, where much of their struggle against trans equality is based on pic.twitter.com/rLqk30VBQ2

– Brennan Suen (@brennansuen) March 17, 2021

Senator Grassley concluded that the equality law was unnecessary and said that other laws could be constructed if necessary, but he believes that everyone should treat everyone with respect and follow the teachings of the Bible.

“Now we all agree that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, religion, politics and probably many other categories to name,” Grassley told the committee. “We are all human and must treat one another with kindness and compassion. And for some of you it may be sentimental when I say my guide is from the Bible, dear God, this first law. Second law, love your neighbor as yourself. I wonder if this bill really does that. I very much suspect that it would actually dictate what women, girls, schools, churches, doctors, and others are required to believe. “

Check out this short clip as part of Sen. Grassley’s remarks:

EQUALITY LAW: Senator Chuck Grassley speaks out against the Equality Act, stating, “My guide is taken from the Bible – ‘Love God’, this first law, the second law, ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. I wonder if this bill really does that. “Pic.twitter.com/qOwZWBbofq

– Forbes (@Forbes) March 17, 2021

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