MSNBC’s Morning Joe Shreds Invoice Barr After New ‘Perjury’ Uncovered: ‘He Lied By His Enamel’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough beat up former Attorney General William Barr for “lying through the teeth” last year about foreign electoral interference and said he should have been accused of harming himself while testifying by Congress.

A recently released intelligence report found that Russia was trying to undermine President Joe Biden’s campaign ahead of the 2020 election, Iran was trying to “undercut” Donald Trump’s re-election offer, and China made no effort to interfere – but this said the previous administration was not Americans.

“Lying and politicizing information was just breathtakingly dangerous,” said Scarborough. “You have Bill Barr, [national security adviser Robert] O’Brien and [director of national intelligence John] Ratcliffe, who all lied and said – this is Ratcliffe’s primary, quote: “China is using a massive and ingenious campaign of influence.” He knew it was a lie, O’Brien knew it was a lie. Barr said, “Oh, I checked out the intelligence,” and he lied through his teeth. “

“The United States attorney general who goes out of his way to get hold of information, all for political purposes, all for political ends,” added Scarborough, “and now we find this week that it wasn’t just the case . ” They were liars at the time, but you had people in the Intel community who were nervous that they would use their work, go out, put it out of context, and tell lies about Donald Trump’s re-election campaign – and that is exactly what the attorney general did and the head of the Intel community and Trump’s national security advisor, all three. Deeply shameful, deeply dangerous. “

Scarborough still does not understand why Barr never paid a price for lying to Congress and the public on a number of matters.

“He took the Müller report, in the words of William Rehnquist, he tore her words out of their proper context, he lied to the House and the Senate, committed perjury,” said Scarborough. “I never really figured out why they didn’t try to incriminate him for it.”

Scarborough said all of this made Barr the worst attorney general who ever served.

“He claims to have seen intelligence agencies and lied about spreading lies about what the Intel community found along with Ratcliffe and O’Brien, and said China was basically trying to do the same thing as Russia,” said Scarborough. “We found out that Iran does. Why did they feel they had to lie about China? Here’s Bill Barr again, Bill Barr shows again why he’s the worst attorney general ever. John Mitchell looks like Atticus Finch compared to Bill Barr. “

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Shreds Bill Barr post after New ‘Perjury’ Exposed: ‘He Lied Through His Teeth’ first appeared in The New Civil Rights Movement.

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