Morning Joe Goes on Epic Rant Attacking ‘Anti-Science Idiocy’ of ‘Morons and Lunatics’ Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough uncorked a lengthy verbal abuse against the “lunatics” and “idiots” who were rolling back basic coronavirus safeguards, with the end of the pandemic in sight.

Millions of vaccines are administered every day, but cases are starting to rise in many areas where states are easing restrictions and spreading new varieties, and the Morning Joe host knocked out conservatives who warn that wearing a vaccination certificate is draconian – or possibly even satanic – is.

“Here we are with over half a million deaths and we have heard from Dr. [Deborah] Birx spoke this weekend about how after the first 100,000, if they had done a better job, if Donald Trump hadn’t been so resilient, they could have saved so many lives, and here we are, ”said Scarborough. I am now – I now hear lunatics – and I will call them lunatics – who of course still push back the masks. “

“But now we’re saying if we’re still pushing the masks back, of course, but now we’re saying if we somehow identify ourselves as a vaccine, like it’s part of Satan or the mark of the devil – or Nazi Germany,” added Scarborough . “The idiocy is just beyond us. You act recklessly and irresponsibly. They are stupid and follow conspiracy theories. They follow a failed game show host or reality tv show host and don’t get it, I think maybe they’re such idiots that if they want to go to a baseball game with my son, I don’t have any Idiots sitting somewhere near us in Fenway [Park] or a minor league baseball park that didn’t take the vaccine. “

He said that the rights they claim violate the rights of others.

“If you don’t want to take the vaccine and want to die, that’s your right as Americans,” Scarborough said. “You don’t have to take the vaccine and you can die or get really sick. You can live in ignorance and stupidity. You have this right even though you hurt other people, but don’t tell me that we can’t do something not so smart, who actually follow science, who actually want to take care of their children, who actually want to save the lives of their neighbors, who really want to make sure everyone around them is safe, they can’t tell us what to do, and our government, our sports teams, our concert promoters got the hell to put together something where you can show your vaccine, receipt, or you can have something on a ticket stub showing it. “

“That anti-science idiocy, you know, make them do that under a rock or in their caves,” he added. “But the time to argue with these people is long gone.”

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