Montana GOP Lawmakers Go Discriminatory Anti-LGBTQ ‘Non secular Freedom’ Invoice.”

Legislators in the Montana House and Senate have passed a law to restore religious freedom that allows any person or business to discriminate against someone for any reason, provided it does not violate their religious beliefs.

House Democrats supported an amendment that would not allow the law to apply to discrimination, but Republicans refused to support it.

“Do NOT make me do what my God tells me to do,” Republican MP John Fuller, who opposed the amendment, said during Thursday’s debate, the AP reported.

“The LGBTQ community opposes the bill, arguing that it could lead to challenges in several cities against regulations banning discrimination based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression,” added the AP. “The Montana Human Rights Act does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

The human rights campaign says the bill is “similar” to the Religious Freedom Bill signed by then-Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, causing national outrage.

“This bill is so extensive and dangerous that LGBTQ Montanans could be denied access to PREP and PEP and other life-saving medicines by pharmacies,” HRC said on Twitter.

Under this law, employers could defend themselves against the dismissal of LGBTQ workers because they are who they are.

– Human Rights Campaign (@HRC) April 1, 2021

News outlets mistakenly compare Montana’s legislation to the federal law of the same name. Federal law does not attribute personality status to companies, organizations or companies and does not directly support discrimination against LGBT people – Montana law reads:

“Person” means any person, association, partnership, corporation, church, religious institution, estate, trust, foundation or other legal person.

Democrats tried to stop the law from being passed but were unsuccessful.

“This bill would allow a family therapist to refuse to help an unmarried mother. This would allow a pharmacist to refuse to prescribe HIV medication or oral contraceptive pills, ”said Laurie Bishop, Democratic MP for Montana Free Press. “… I just ask that when you look at this legislation, not only do you think about what you want to protect, I understand, but I ask you to consider how others might apply this legislation in the way you are not going to. “

republican Governor Greg Gianforte (Photo) is expected to sign the bill.

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