Mike Lindell Guarantees Proper-Wing Activists ‘Donald Trump Will Be in Workplace by This Fall’

Thousands of right-wing activists gathered in Tampa, Florida last weekend for a “Restore America” ​​rally, which featured a cavalcade of election, COVID-19 and QAnon conspiracy theorists.

At River Church, overseen by right-wing conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne, speakers included Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Jackson Lahmeyer, Ann Vandersteel, KrisAnne Hall, Greg Locke, and dozens more.

Among the most prominent speakers was Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, who worked tirelessly (and unsuccessfully) to prove that the 2020 presidential election was full of fraud and foreign interference to tip the election results so that former President Donald Trump into the White House.

Although Lindell has published several “documentaries” allegedly proving fraud and filed several lawsuits, all efforts have been in vain, but he has not given up and told the huge crowd that gathered for the rally that he was about to become a “Cyber Symposium “where He claims that” cyber guys “will prove that the election was stolen by something he calls” packet capture “. This will ultimately force the Supreme Court to overturn the election results and put Trump back in office by the fall.

Lindell said none of his efforts so far had been successful “because we lived in the Twilight Zone” and complained that “every time you have something real, they say, ‘We won’t look at it’ or the judges say, ‘We won’t look at it.’ “

“But you see, that’s all changing,” promised Lindell. “What I’m going to do to get that out into the world is called a Cyber ​​Symposium. And what it is is that I’m going to have a venue in late July – it’s your job to let everyone know, the world – we’re going to get every cyber guy with references – called them ‘CISSP credentials – they’re going to be there. “

“We’re bringing in all the cyber types,” he continued. “You will be there. Then we bring all the media with us. Maybe even Fox will show up! What a concept. And then we’re going to get all of the Senators, Governors – even the corrupt ones, Brian Kemp – and the Legislature, Secretary of State and every single government official who wants to be there, because if we show them these parcel takings we will just pass them on to all of this cyber – Hand out guys so they can have their own man. ‘How many votes were turned around here in Tampa?’ May I help you. Boom. It will be a worldwide event. Millions will see it, and then the Supreme Court justices will look at it and they will assume 9-0 that this country has been attacked. The choice will be made. Donald Trump will definitely be in office this fall. “

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here with permission.

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