Medical Specialists Explode Over Trump Official Pushing Herd Immunity Saying ‘We Need Them Contaminated’


A Trump official in the Department of Health and Human Services actively pushed for the deceptive policy known as “herd immunity”, specifically saying, “We want you to be infected with the coronavirus”.

That agent, science advisor Paul Alexander, was a top advisor to Michael Caputo. Caputo, who is not a medical expert but a political strategist and lobbyist, served as President Donald Trump’s eyes and ears until his sudden medical leave of absence after a major scandal.

“There is no other way, we have to start a herd [immunity]and all that matters is that the non-high-risk groups expose themselves to the virus. ZEITRAUM, ”said Alexander’s email to Caputo and six other HHS officials on July 4th, as reported by Politico.

“Infants, children, adolescents, young people, young adults, middle-aged people without conditions, etc. have little to no risk. So we use them to build a herd. We want them to get infected.”

Just weeks later, Alexander re-pushed the dangerous herd immunity policy, which happens to be the same that the now-disgraced former Trump coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas began to promote when he joined the White House on Aug. 1.

“[I]It may be best if we open and flood the zone and have the children and adolescents infected, in order to achieve “natural immunity … natural exposure,” “wrote Alexander on July 24th to Stephen, Commissioner of Food and Beverage Drug Administration Hahn, Caputo, and eight other senior officials.

The fact that a federal official advocated a lethal policy of infecting Americans with a deadly virus that has already killed more than 310,000 people in the United States has sparked massive outrage, especially among medical experts.

Here is a selection.

The epidemiologist and health economist Eric Feigl-Ding did not crush any words:

OlyHoly Mist – “We want them to get infected”. The WH & HHS advisor called for a herd immunity strategy. Disgusting!

“Infants, kids, teens, young adults, middle-aged unconditionally have 0 to low risk – so we’re using them ** to develop a herd ** – we want them to get infected” # COVID19https: // t .co / f8s1wBDkCT

– Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) December 16, 2020

Dr. Cleavon Gilman and the emergency doctor “on the Covid Frontlines” call it a crime against humanity:

Crimes against humanity !! A senior Trump official repeatedly urged senior health officials to take a herd immunity approach to Covid-19 and allow millions of Americans to become infected with the virus. This is evident from internal emails received from a house watchdog and passed on to POLITICO.

– Cleavon MD (@Cleavon_MD) December 16, 2020

Researcher, Ebola and Coronavirus Expert, Dena Grayson, MD, PhD:

NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE: “There is no other way, we have to build a herd and it’s just about the non-high risk groups exposing themselves to the virus. ZEITRAUM “, wrote the then science advisor Paul Alexander on July 4th to his boss, the deputy secretary of @HHSGov, Michael Caputo.🤬

– Dena Grayson, MD, PhD (@DrDenaGrayson) December 16, 2020

The virologist Dr. Angela Rasmussen did not hold back.

“Paul Alexander is an incompetent shame and he should never work in public health again,” she tweeted. “His ignorance of the basic principles of virology and pathogenesis would be ridiculous if not used to make such appalling policy recommendations.”


These people keep popping up like mushrooms. So damn unethical. We probably need additional laws against this type of action. #HerdImmunityScourge

– Dr. Faris Durmo, BSc. (@Dr_FarrisD) December 16, 2020

Appalling criminal breach of duty as a doctor and public health officer. Recall Who Paul Alexander Is: Intervened and Treated CDC Reports. Appointed by Michael Caputo, who has NO scientific background, he worked for the Russian Gazprom media to improve Putin’s image. Https://

– Douglas Chin MD FACS (@DougChinMD) December 16, 2020

Uh … No. Dr. Alexander, herd immunity is achieved through vaccination, not by deliberately exposing millions of unsuspecting Americans to myriad risks of serious illness, disability, and death. PERIOD.

– Douglas Chin MD FACS (@DougChinMD) December 16, 2020

Guess what? All of the “herd immunity through natural infection” advocates who argued that COVID-19 does no harm to young people have been ….. wait for it … .. wait for it … .. FALSE. I’m looking forward to you saying, “We were wrong.” That may never happen.

– Prof. Gavin Yamey, MD MPH (@GYamey), December 16, 2020

Herd immunity as a strategy: “This is how madness lies”

You killed all of my elderly patients, you monsters

– Alicia Skarimbas MD (@ASkarimbas) December 16, 2020

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