‘Fascist’ Ron DeSantis Burned to the Floor by Florida Reporter for His Newest Trump-Like Transfer

In a scorching column in the Miami Herald, Fabiola Santiago brutally called Florida Governor Don DeSantis (R) under the latest law he signed The White House was established in 2024.

As the columnist notes, DeSantis has signed a bill that would essentially criminalize protesting in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Santiago observes, “Florida lawmakers attacked and trampled the US Constitution during this legislature in a way that the state has not seen since Jim Crow’s days. Every bill, every strategy has already been prepared and ready to cook at the behest of the head of state of Florida, Ron DeSantis. “DeSantis eventually channels his political mentor Donald Trump and follows his bombastic, destructive script for re-election next year and maybe 2024 into the White House. “

Focusing on the bill, the columnist notes that any Floridian involved in a protest against DeSantis’ policies – or police misconduct – could be rushed to jail without bail for “riot”.

The columnist wrote: “DeSantis and its makers are turning the constitution into a pliable document that has been cut away by state-level legislation to win elections. Then he adds: “If DeSantis quacks like a racist, that’s just the price for the grassroots deal. “

Santiago pointed out that DeSantis “surrounded by more than a dozen white men and women” signed the bill as America awaited the verdict on the Derek Chauvin case, stating that the state could expect to be brought to justice, since civil rights attorneys have a field day to question the law.

“Without a bit of sensitivity, DeSantis is attacking the Floridians’ protest rights and leading a massive crackdown on freedom of expression that is being passed by the compliant, mostly republican legislation on HB 1 law – their # 1 priority after more than a year of a pandemic . In short: voter suppression, ”she accused. “Who will go to a protest and know that if a few protesters get violent or louder than the police would tolerate – and you are caught in hand-to-hand combat – you will be jailed, charged with a crime and held without bail like a murderer ? Which low-income minority resident who works – and who has important jobs that are tied to a schedule – will run the risk of losing a job to stand in long queues if they find themselves without a postal vote? “

“In his quest for absolute power, the Ivy League-trained governor, a lawyer, forgets the law of the land, not that of his scribes in the legislature, but the document signed September 17, 1787 – Rights Lawyers,” she wrote before she came to the end. “Florida needs them to show the governor who’s boss.”

You can read the whole piece here.

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