Louisiana Civil Rights Path unveils new marker at Little Union Baptist Church in Shreveport | Information

SHREVEPORT, La – Three new markings for the new Louisiana Civil Rights Trail were revealed in Shreveport on Friday morning.

It happened in the Little Union Baptist Church on Milam Street. The life-size markers are designed to shed light on the role Louisiana played in shaping American history in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Little Union Baptist Church was the civil rights epicenter in Shreveport during this period, with Reverend CC McClain as its leader.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also made his last public appearance in church and spoke from the pulpit.

“It’s an honor to be here,” said Verma Henderson, a longtime member of the Little Union Baptist ward. “Also, I grew up in Little Union and under Pastor CC McClain. But I’ve been in this church since I was six.”

“This is a really moving exercise today. To mark that story and teach the next generation what people have been through,” said US Representative Mike Johnson, who also attended the unveiling on Friday.

Little Union Baptist Church was also the location where police attacked worshipers during a memorial service for the victims of the 1963 Birmingham Church bombing.

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