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Senator Steve Daines blames President Biden for the decades-long illegal drug crisis

republican US Senator Steve DainesThe cause could be that illegal drugs crossing the border, and particularly the increased potency of extremely dangerous meth that was made in Mexico and made its way into his home state of Montana, have been denounced. But during a press conference on Friday, he sounded more like a “Montana meth brand ambassador,” as one person put it.

Senator Daines on Friday also blamed President Joe Biden for the decades-long crisis.

Not only is meth dangerously addicting, it’s deadly, and Daines’ home state of Montana has been ravaged by the illicit drug that has cost countless lives for decades.

That may be why so many on social media were perplexed by the Montana Senator’s wording after denouncing “the flood of Mexican meth, Mexican heroin, and Mexican fentanyl.”

“Twenty years ago, meth was homemade in Montana – it was home-grown,” he said emphatically, almost with pride. One person said it sounded like he was “getting nostalgic”.

“It was less than 30 percent pure,” Daines continued. “Today the meth that gets into Montana is a Mexican cartel.”

Oddly enough, Daines made the exact same speech on Thursday in front of a local Billings, Montana newspaper, so this wasn’t a flub. Daines or one of his aides actually wrote this, and he must have practiced it before putting it on camera on Friday, presumably because he thought it sounded good.

But Daines also blamed President Biden, who has been in office for two months and six days, of the illegal drugs that have crossed the line for decades, calling it the “#BidenBorderCrisis,” which is simply wrong.

Meth comes over our border and goes straight to Montana. It tears apart Montana families and destroys communities. We are a northern border state with a southern border crisis – we have to end the #BidenBorderCrisis now.

– Steve Daines (@SteveDaines) March 26, 2021

In fact, he’s here in 2019, before Biden became president, bragging about “bringing Vice President Mike Pence to Billings next Wednesday (6/12) for a first-hand look at Montana’s devastating meth crisis.”

Meanwhile, The Recount said the Republican Senator from Montana was getting “a little nostalgic”.

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) gets a little nostalgic when he talks about how Mexican meth has overtaken homemade Montana meth.

– The recount (@therecount) March 26, 2021

Another social media user commented that Daines “sounds more upset that meth production has been outsourced than that meth is still so widespread”.

Some expressed confusion about Daines’ intentions:

Did he … did he really … I mean what? Daines upset that Mexican meth has replaced native meth? I’m not sure if this is the direction they wanted to go. I think we should say thank you?

– Dawn M. (@dawn_macc) March 26, 2021

Others just totally mocked him:

Steve Daines is upset that Mexico usurped good old American meth with purer products.

– Helen Kennedy (@HelenKennedy) March 26, 2021

“We had our own meth. Montana meth. It was lousy, but by God it was ours. Now you have this purer Mexican meth. Jesus, how is a man supposed to live on it? “

– Sir Humphrey (@bdquinn) March 26, 2021

Make American Meth Great Again

There’s a @SethAMandel joke here but I can’t quite get it

– Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) March 26, 2021

Steve Daines: I’m here on the border to raise the alarm about the imported methane crisis.

What happened to meth that was made in America?

– Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) March 26, 2021

“The good old days – when we made our OWN meth.”

– Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) March 26, 2021

Great energy “they took our jobs” here

– Andrew Feinberg (@AndrewFeinberg) March 26, 2021

Republicans Will Bring Methane Manufacturing Jobs Back To America!

– Stonekettle (@Stonekettle) March 26, 2021

Buy American

– Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) March 26, 2021

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