Kayleigh McEnany Is Very Upset Forbes Put Kamala Harris on Its Cowl however Not Ivanka Trump

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany attacked Forbes magazine Tuesday for putting Vice President Kamala Harris on the cover while snubbering Ivanka Trump.

During a panel segment on Fox News’ Outnumbered Program, McEnany noted that Forbes recently coined the term kamalanomics on a profile about the current Vice President.

“Forbes has discovered a new philosophy, Kamalanomics, named after Kamala,” complained McEnany, “and it’s about helping small women entrepreneurs.”

“Interestingly, we have someone who did just that,” she continued. “Ivanka Trump did just that, securing $ 1.5 billion in private sector relief for small businesses, $ 10 billion for [community development financial institutions], these are banks that help minorities and low-income communities. “

McEnany added, “But I don’t remember the term Ivankanomics.”

Co-moderator Tomi Lahren also beat up the vice president.

“We expected her to make much more of this golden opportunity she was given,” she said. “I know how she works. I know what kind of woman she is. “

“You mention the way they treat Republican women,” Lahren said. “The way you treated Ivanka, the way you treated Sarah Palin. I mean, they prop it up, put it on the covers of magazines. And when they put her on the cover of Vogue, she didn’t look good enough for the crowd that woke up. They wanted it to be more stylish. At the end of the day, it’s all about vanity. “

McEnany suggested that Harris plan to become president by not taking a position on controversial issues.

“That’s exactly it,” remarked McEnany. “I read a report that for this reason she is trying to hold back so that she does not get on record about these problems at the border. She can sneak up and try to go straight to the Oval Office. “

Check out the video below from Fox News.

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