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KANSAS CITY, MO. A Kansas City tow plot owner is suing the city’s Board of Police Commissioners for civil rights violations.

Allen “Jay” Bloodworth is suing the BOPC on 10 charges, including unlawful search and seizure, lack of surveillance and intervention, and other violations.

BACKGROUND: The charges against the owner of the KC tow plot were dropped after Audio exposed the threat posed by the KCPD sergeant

Bloodworth and his attorney are suing civil rights violations and allegedly shooting and killing his dog.

The lawsuit describes that the dog did not act aggressively and approached the officers out of curiosity.

Plaintiff is aiming for over $ 75,000.

The Kansas City Police Department did not comment on the lawsuit at the time.

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Bloodworth was charged in September 2019 with 31 falsification of crimes for illegally towing and storing cars. All of these charges were dropped in December 2020 after court documents revealed that Bloodworth had a partial recording of a phone call with KCPD Sgt.Brad Lemon.

During the phone conversation, Lemon threatened Bloodworth with police operations for not releasing a car belonging to a Lemon family member.

Bloodworth’s attorney said the call came just prior to the execution of a search warrant on his client who had property confiscated and Bloodworth’s dog allegedly shot.

“I have no idea what kind of dynamics or investigation would have been conducted or what the results would have been,” said attorney Dan Ross. “It is only after the conversation with Mr. Lemon is recorded that I know that really bad things have happened to my client.”

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