John Dean Explains Simply How A lot Hassle Trump Is In

Former White House attorney for Richard Nixon, John Dean, told Anderson Cooper that the latest developments in Donald Trump’s legal drama are damaging.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen told Reuters on Wednesday that he had worked with investigators. As Dean said of the report on Twitter, “You don’t visit a prosecutor seven times if they don’t intend to prosecute those you know about.”

From personal experience as a key witness, I assure you that you will not visit a prosecutor seven times if they do not intend to prosecute those you know about. It’s just a matter of the number of days until DA Vance Donald & Co. shows

– John W. Dean (@JohnWDean) March 10, 2021

Cooper asked if it was possible that investigators were “just fishing for information” at these meetings, but Dean said he doubted it.

“Well, probably not at this point,” he said. “What they do can be a couple of things. On the one hand, the prosecutors are trying to familiarize themselves with the witness. In that case, given the wealth of information they have received through a subpoena, it is more likely to provide guidance and insight into the meaning of some of these documents and to give them more people who may be aware of various matters that may be to be revealed in the documents. An insider, like I once was, can provide insights that prosecutors cannot otherwise get. And that’s why you’re not doing this – you are not going to do this at this point to find exculpatory evidence. They are narrowing the case down to see what they will bring against the president and possibly his family. “

Dean also noted that investigators likely already have copies of checks and know who signed what.

When it came to the new footage of Trump that Georgian officials called and tried to turn into a victory in the state, Dean said Trump could get into trouble.

“It’s a little reminiscent of Nixon relying on people in my memory bank where he knows how far to go but not too far, especially when he’s on the phone and knows he’s being recorded in some of those conversations,” explained Dean. “So Trump does not know that he will be accepted in this case. And one of the revealing things to me, Anderson, is the fact that these people recorded those calls. As far as I can remember, in November, late November, Lindsey Graham denied having had the talks with the Georgia Secretary of State, who had essentially said he called and told them to throw away ballots. And Graham denied that. After that, they started recording the calls. We don’t know how many calls we are making. “

He noted that this call, posted on Wednesday, was known to have taken place, but never heard what was said or any details, let alone a recording.

“Other calls may have been recorded and what they are looking for is part of the RICO case they are developing now that the Fulton County Attorney’s Office has hired the best expert in the state to help them on a previous RICO case. RICO cases are very serious, Anderson. These are a lot of penalties, ”said Dean. “So, I think that’s the case they’re building. Those phone calls that they already have multiple records for are going to be dynamite. “

See the interview below:

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