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Meet US Congressman Ken Buck, a Republican from Colorado. Buck on Thursday called for President-elect Joe Biden to be prosecuted for alleged crimes after he left office.

Biden is not under investigation, nor is there any evidence that he committed any crimes, but that didn’t stop Buck from making the allegation on live national television.

“The American people are fed up with corruption in Washington DC,” Buck told Fox News. “I think they are fed up with people selling their office for personal gain, and that is what President-elect Biden seems to have done.”

Again, there is no evidence to support the charge.

“If he hasn’t, we need a special lawyer to clean the air,” he added, repeating reports that President Donald Trump would like to install one before leaving office.

Buck, who has a long and troubling history of ethical and legal missteps, falsely claimed that special adviser Robert Mueller “cleared up” President Trump.

“When President-elect Biden is settled, so be it. If this is not resolved, we will have to go to court against Hunter Biden and possibly Joe Biden if he leaves his office. “

Earlier this week, Buck told a false story on Fox News radio and concluded, “I think Joe Biden will be blackmailed if we don’t get to the bottom of this. If he becomes president, I think it is very important that we have an independent lawyer to take care of it. “

. @ RepKenBuck is on Fox News talking about prosecuting Joe Biden for leaving the office.

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 17, 2020

Again, no evidence of criminal or even unethical behavior by President-elect Joe Biden.

But there is plenty of evidence of inappropriate, questionable, and disruptive behavior by Ken Buck.

Congressman Buck, who is also chairman of the Colorado Republican Party for unknown reasons, was one of 126 Republican Congressmen who joined the Texas lawsuit calling on the US Supreme Court to vote for Joe Biden, the voters in four states had to be excluded from the right to vote. The frivolous lawsuit did not seek the annulment of votes in states that went to Donald Trump.

Buck may not have a big national profile, but local Colorado newspapers have found plenty to cover about him.

In May, the Denver Post reported that Rep. Buck had “pressured a local party official to produce false election results in order to vote in the main election for a Senate seat.”

That party official, a local GOP chairman, blew Buck’s actions, saying he tried to coerce him into a crime: “To say it’s damned is an understatement.”

“You have a seated Congressman, a seated chairman of the State Party,” he said, referring to Buck, “who is trying to harass a volunteer – I’m a volunteer; I don’t get paid for that – for committing a crime,” said Eli Bremer to the post office.

Also in May, the Denver Post reported that “Weld County’s GOP chairman has filed a complaint with the local district attorney and the State Department accusing an adviser to US Republican Representative Ken Buck and three others of electoral fraud and corruption. “

“It is the second electoral irregularity allegation to touch Buck,” the Post noted.

On other disruptive behaviors, Buck served as the chief of the Colorado Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Department in the 1990s. After meeting with defense lawyers, he had to take an ethics course.

The US attorney “described Buck’s interviews with lawyers as a” reckless disregard of your obligation to keep customer information confidential, “according to his letter of reference,” the Denver Post reported.

In this case, it was “two Russian brothers with a migration background who ran an arms business and a pawn shop” who made “contributions to the Republican Party”. Buck declined to pursue the case, even though the FBI believed the store was “an easy place to pick up cheap handguns – commonly known as Saturday Night Specials.”

In the early 2000s, Buck was sued by the ACLU as District Attorney for Weld County after searching a tax service and filing files from 5,000 customers. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that his actions were unconstitutional and cost the county $ 150,000, the Denver Post reported.

“The fact that his own agenda was more important than his community or the cost to the community shows a lot about his character,” said Rhonda Solis, a Greeley community activist. “He was wrong and didn’t like it.”

And in 2006 Buck refused to prosecute a rape case despite “the suspect practically confessed, according to a police record … a phone call between the victim and the suspect,” according to a report in The Colorado Independent.

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