Jen Psaki Brilliantly Smacks Down Fox Information Reporter Suggesting New CDC Masks Steering Is ‘Political’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was again forced to clarify basic facts to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, as his network has suggested without evidence that the CDC’s decision to change masking was a political decision to divert attention from other issues.

These are two of Fox News’ mobile alerts about the decision to announce fully vaccinated Americans. You can now forego social distancing protocols, including wearing masks.

So, the correspondent of the conservative network in the White House, Peter Doocy, who is not a doctor, immunologist, virologist or scientist, tried to make news.

“There are many questions at the time of the CDC’s announcement yesterday,” he said after Fox News actively spread false information about masks and the coronavirus for nearly a year. “So has anyone in the Biden administration or in the Biden administration updated these instructions for political reasons?”

“No,” answered Psaki.

“What was the medical or scientific reason – what was the big break for doing this yesterday?” Doocy asked.

(Yesterday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky discussed with the American people for about 30 minutes in a nationally televised press conference the current state of the coronavirus pandemic in the US and the reasons CDC decided to change its guidelines now are two Studies showing the incredible effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.)

“Well, I know that Dr. Walensky conducted an extensive number of interviews yesterday to answer that exact question, but since we’ve talked quite a bit about the CDC here, not just about Dr. Walensky, but through their entire team of health and medical experts, are constantly reviewing the data to ensure they can provide accurate and up-to-date guidance to the American people, ”said Psaki. “Based on three factors she talked about yesterday, vaccines work in the real world. We have seen many studies on this, including internally in the federal government. Vaccines stand up to the variants that at various times have had concerns about the need to continue masking, even if you are less likely to transmit the virus after vaccination and vaccination – that’s how they came to the decision, and that is what she announced yesterday when she announced the decision. “

Doocy ignored all scientific evidence and reasons that both Dr. Walensky and Psaki cited as well, and provided his own reasons for why he felt the mask mandate should continue.

“If you just look at the CDC website, only 45.6% of adults in the US had been fully vaccinated on the way here by yesterday, and only 58.9% of the adult population had at least one dose. So what happened to President Biden’s statement in March that he thought lifting mask mandates before every adult American gets a shot is ‘Neanderthal thinking’? “

“Let me start by saying that the President, our North Star, listened to the instruction of our health and medical experts on teams, and that is exactly what we are doing in this case. And to reiterate, the CDC, doctors, and medical experts there were the ones who determined what those guidelines would look like based on their own data and the schedule. It wasn’t a White House decision. It was informed that the White House had been informed of this decision just to make people aware of it, ”added Psaki.


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