Huge Reward After Biden Declares ‘Sufficient Prayers – Time for Some Motion’ on Weapons

Describing gun violence as an “epidemic” in America, a “blemish on our character as a nation” and “international embarrassment,” President Joe Biden told Congress on Thursday, “Enough prayers. Time for some action.”

President Biden promised to use all his might to “protect the American people from gun violence,” but he also placed the blame and responsibility on Congress.

“There is a lot more that Congress can do,” said President Biden in a rose garden ceremony, “and they can do it now.” You have offered many thoughts and prayers, Members of Congress. But they haven’t passed a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. “

“Enough prayers. Time for some action. “

Republican Congressmen rush to deliver “thoughts and prayers” following the publicized mass shootings, but refuse to take action, often, albeit falsely, claiming they are protecting the second amendment.

Biden busted that claim:

Pres. Biden on gun ownership: “The idea is just bizarre to point out that some of the things we recommend are against the constitution.”

– ABC News (@ABC) April 8, 2021

Biden signed six gun violence enforcement ordinances on Thursday, “including asking the Justice Department to issue a rule to regulate the sale of so-called” ghost weapons “within 30 days,” reports ABC News. “These firearms are assembled from kits of parts purchased online and have no serial numbers, which makes them difficult to track.”

He also told reporters that if there was one thing he could do it would be to repeal federal law giving gun manufacturers immunity from prosecution.

“When I have one thing on my list, the gentleman would come down and say, ‘Joe, you get one of these,’ give me this,” said Biden. “Because I’m telling you something, there would be a moment when these people would come to the Lord very quickly.”

President Biden urges Congress to implement a number of weapons reforms, including:
1) Ban offensive weapons
2) Eliminate weapon manufacturer immunity
3) Background checks required for guns purchased at gun shows
3) Close the “Charleston Gap”.
4) Re-authorize the law against violence against women

– Yamiche Alcindor (@ Yamiche) April 8, 2021

Biden’s remarks were far from meek, but before he spoke there was this moment:

SPOTTED – Elbow bump between @POTUS and @GabbyGiffords
-> New measures by President Biden to reduce armed violence.

– Karine Jean-Pierre (@ KJP46) April 8, 2021

His remarks earned him great praise from observers:

Spoken as a true leader:
“Enough prayers. Time for some action. “- @POTUS on the congress on weapons reform.

– Jemma (@Itsjustjems) April 8, 2021

“Enough prayers – it’s time for some action!”

It is so amazing to see how the rose garden is used for America’s advancement! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

What stands out under the last guy is the now infamous super-spreader event “The Rose Garden Massacre”.

Go joe!

– Mark Judson for Congress – Scorched Earth Dem 2022 (@ Judson4Congress) April 8, 2021

“You have offered many thoughts and prayers, members of Congress … enough prayers, time for action.”
– President Biden

Hell yeah Mr. President, it’s time for Congress to do background checks and offer #MoreThanThoughtsAndPrayers.

– Lisa Hendricks (@MsLisaHendricks) April 8, 2021

“Enough prayer time to act” !!!!! YEP Joe, damn YEP !!!!! The man is amazing. Zen level leadership !!!! Joe is definitely the man for the moment.

– EIEI_OLD_FART (@EieiOld) April 8, 2021

I loved that he said enough prayers. Maybe we can finally do some shit.

– Christine 🥳 (@ RainbowRocket43) April 8, 2021

Keywords: “Enough prayers, it is time to act.”

– Stanley S. Thompson (@ Natsley1) April 8, 2021

I’m with Joe. I’ve had enough of inactivity because of gun violence.

Enough prayers. Action.

– GenZ for the Nation (@GenZUniteNation) April 8, 2021

We, the people of this 50 United States, made up of the 13 original colonies and 37 territories, have had enough! Prayers are not being said goodbye, it is time we rolled up our sleeves together and passed the weapons reform!

– Hannah Klitsberg (@HEKRocksNY) April 8, 2021

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