Household Of Inmate Killed By Police Planning Federal, Civil Rights Lawsuits

The family of an inmate who was shot dead on Saturday during a hostage situation plans to file federal and civil rights suits, they said at a press conference Monday morning.

The 34-year-old Curtis Williams was shot dead by police, according to the family. Williams had taken a correctional officer hostage at the Oklahoma County Detention Center (OCDC) and streamed it live on Facebook. However, the Curtis in the video wasn’t the Curtis the family knew.

“I’ve known Curtis for 34 years and I know for a fact that he wouldn’t just go out and kidnap someone if he wasn’t forced to,” said Rhonda Lambert, Williams’ mother.

Williams was held on multiple charges, including rape, but his family said it shouldn’t have cost him his life.

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The Oklahoma Coalition Against Human Abuse said at the news conference that they are done waiting for changes in the OCDC and planning both a federal lawsuit against the prison and eventually a civil rights lawsuit over Williams’ death.

Coalition members said they would demand the resignation of Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley Monday afternoon.

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