MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Blasts Trump for ‘Deliberately’ Taking Actions That Killed Lots of of Hundreds

Washington Post Conservative writer Marc Thiessen is under fire for claiming that President Donald Trump has “the lives of the majority of Americans in a New Year’s Eve column titled” The 10 Best Things Trump Did in 2020 ” improved “.

“Despite the worst pandemic since 1918, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the worst race riots since the 1960s, 56 percent of Americans told Gallup before the elections that they are doing better under Trump than they were four years ago,” Thiessen writes.

That October poll also found that 56 percent of Americans said Trump didn’t deserve to be re-elected.

Social media users have beaten up Thiessen, perhaps best known as the George W. Bush speechwriter, who repeatedly defended this president’s use of torture.

I never realized how bad our journalists were until this year. Nice “opinion piece”. For the record Trump has NOT made the lives of non-racists better. I think it shows where you are at.

– AAron Syack (@AAronsyack) January 1, 2021

He told us to inject Lysol to fight the pandemic that he objectively made worse Marc, but I’m sure your list is very good.

– Sky (@ huskerfan4life9) January 1, 2021

I haven’t seen my parents since Christmas.

– Southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) January 1, 2021

Yes, it has been a Covid disaster and has exacerbated racist tensions, but did you consider the stock market?

– jml (@__JML__) January 1, 2021

Like, I haven’t seen my parents since March 2019, my husband lost his job in September and we could lose the house. Tell me how it’s better

– annette woll (@annettewoll) January 1, 2021

346,000 dead Americans would be different.

– Burl_Chester (@chester_burl) January 1, 2021

If you call death an improvement.

– Barbara Prete (@ giftIvy1206) January 1, 2021

For the North Korean media, this would be a shame:
“Each of the last three points would individually count as one of the greatest achievements of a president. Trump achieved all three in a single year. “

Fire that man, @washingtonpost.

– James Hare (@JamesHare_BFX) December 31, 2020

1.) Lost the election? Https://

– Bart King? (@BartKing) December 31, 2020

Washington Post Opinion Column Headline: The 10 Best Things Trump Did in 2020. My list:
1) He lost
2) He lost
3) He lost
4) He lost
5) He lost
6) He lost
7) He lost
8) He lost
9) He lost
10) He lost

– Nick Cuccia (@?) (@Nacinla) December 31, 2020

Almost each of these “10 Best Things Trump Did in 2020” requires an asterisk. He took part in the “March for Life” … and also oversaw a run on the gallows on federal death row. He signed the Cares Act … which others negotiated and wrote.

– Ron Dufresne (@RonDufresne) January 1, 2021

Thank you, Marc, for your offer for the worst recording of 2021. And straight out of the gate – good for you!

– Yankee Girl (@ yankeegirlnj65) January 1, 2021

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