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Stephan Müller, Aide to the former president, on Wednesday attacked what he called “transgender ideology”, claiming it is so worrying to a democratic society that it “affects what it means to have and maintain a country” and everyone Forcing Americans to “adopt a transgender”. Position.”

He did not explain what that means.

Miller says he is fighting to protect the “Judeo-Christian heritage” and “Western civilization” of the US, although he never specifies exactly what, only transgender people in general.

A white supremacist who served as and continues to serve as senior advisor to then-President Donald Trump, Miller told Christian Broadcasting Network David Brody, on his Real America’s Voice webshow, that he is fighting an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission case and that the EEOC has failed to “incorporate a constitutionally required religious exception.”

Miller founded his own right-wing law firm, America First Legal, from which he says he is fighting the EEOC “so people can tell their truth.” That apparently excludes transgender people.

“So they are going to force religious Americans, religious believers, and devout people to violate their ingrained beliefs, their own private rights of conscience, and take a transgender perspective,” claims Miller. “This is really a topic about science, it’s about religion, but it’s also about science because the undisputed biological definition of sex is really being turned upside down due to a radical agenda that is really starting now in our elementary schools teaching young people. “That there are no boys and girls, no men and no women, but people are whatever they want to be, which has profound implications for medicine, religion and truth itself,” said Miller.

(For decades, if not longer, Americans have told their children that they can be “whatever they want to be.”)

“We are a country whose ethical, religious and moral heritage is Judeo-Christian,” said Miller. “What it means is that Judeo-Christian values ​​are the foundation of our declaration. Our constitution, our civil rights, our moral character, who we are as a people, who we are as a country, we inherit from our founders this deep religious belief, this deep cultural attachment to these principles, and if they are attacked, our whole nation under Under fire, we should teach our children these fundamental values ​​and principles that have made us who we are, that make Western civilization what is vital to having not just a great present but an amazing future this country.”

“My personal view is that this is a failed ideology that is destined to tumble within itself. For this agenda to work, for the transgender ideology to work, people need to be scared and calm and not tell the plain truth. Because once people say I’m not going to bow to something I know is untrue. I’m not afraid, I’ll express my opinion respectfully and tastefully, to be honest, it won’t last, it will collapse, the building will collapse. “


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