Much less Than Half of Home Republicans Are Vaccinated – Forcing Masks Mandate to Keep

Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi Despite Thursday’s CDC guidelines that vaccinated people can stop wearing masks and stop social distancing protocols, all members of the House must continue to wear masks because so few Republicans have been vaccinated.

“Are you all vaccinated?” Spokesman Pelosi asked after telling a reporter Thursday that she was not lifting the mask mandate.

On Friday, CNN reported that 100% of House and Senate Democrats had been vaccinated.

But more than half of the House Republicans refuse to get vaccinated or to reveal their vaccination status.

“312 of the 431 members of the House – just over 72% of the 431 members – have now received a Covid-19 vaccination. All 219 House Democrats reported having been vaccinated. At the Republican conference, 95 of the 212 members – 44.8% – said they were vaccinated. “

“One hundred and twelve Republican offices have not responded to multiple CNN inquiries.”

Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie (photo) told CNN he would not get the vaccine and offered false information to support his decision.

“The Pfizer and Moderna studies showed no benefit from the vaccine for those previously infected, so I will not be taking the vaccine,” claimed Massie in a carefully crafted but misleading statement.

According to the CDC, “you should be vaccinated whether or not you have had COVID-19. That’s because experts don’t yet know how long you will be protected from disease again after recovering from COVID-19. “

On the Senate side, 46 out of 50 Republicans were vaccinated, two refusing to say whether or not they were vaccinated and two refusing to be vaccinated.

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rand Paul of Kentucky “refuse to get vaccinated, arguing that they already have the disease and therefore don’t need it.”

Again, according to the CDC, this is wrong.

“I thought I was doing everyone a favor,” Johnson, a right-wing extremist who spread false information about the coronavirus, told CNN in March. “I don’t think this is a set science but the reason I haven’t been vaccinated is because I had Covid and even when I did I had a mild case. … Now I’m being attacked as an anti-science. It confuses me. “

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