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BOSTON (WHDH) – A new Massachusetts program promises workers who are granted leave from their jobs for family and medical reasons. But viewers tell 7 investigates, instead they had to look for money. Hank is investigating

Christina cherishes every moment with her new little daughter.

Nadia delighted everyone when she was born with full hair.

“She’s just the cutest little thing,” says Christina.

Christina was one of the first Massachusetts mothers to be admitted to the state’s brand new paid family and sick leave program.

It enables workers with a newborn or illness to take paid leave.

After Christina’s regular maternity leave, she could still take 12 weeks off and receive 70 percent of her salary.

“I was overjoyed,” says Christina.

The state program is more worker-friendly than the federal program commonly known as FMLA.

Under the Massachusetts program, most workers are eligible and receive up to $ 850 a week.

Many people are not eligible for FMLA and when they are on vacation it is often not paid for.

“I thought it was incredible,” says Christina.

Where does the money come from?

The program is financed by a wage tax on employees and employers.

If you don’t see this deduction on your paycheck, you may still be eligible. Some employers pay their employees’ share of the costs.

Christina’s letter of approval stated that she should receive her first payment “14 calendar days after your vacation started”.

But no money came for more than 40 days.

“How do you feel about how well they kept that promise to you?” Asked Hank.

“Oh, not at all. It was just so daunting, “says Christina.

In a panic, she and her husband had to borrow money to pay for food, diapers and the mortgage.

“It’s a kind of soul destruction,” says Christina.

Other families say the state’s new program is also making them desperate for money.

This Facebook page has comments like:

“It’s been seven weeks and I haven’t received a cent.”

“I’m starting to panic. I can not believe that. “

“I’m shocked and disgusted that I’m not the only one who hasn’t received on-time payments!”

“It was just very stressful,” says Teri.

Teri has difficulty walking after suffering from a sudden neurological problem. After she had used up all of her paid time off from work, she was granted permission to take vacation under the state program.

But neither were their payments.

She kept calling the state.

“I was told it would be mailed and then I was told it would be deposited directly and then I was told it would be mailed again. It went back and forth between direct deposit and post, ”says Teri.

“Did both happen?” Asked Hank.

“No,” says Teri.

Teri and her husband struggled to pay their bills and had to dive into their savings.

“The public needs to be made aware of how terrible this was,” says Teri.

After we started asking questions, Christina and Teri got their money almost two months after their vacation started.

“It was really, really frustrating,” says Christina.

“It was torture. It was torture, ”says Teri.

Officials say they are working to get the benefits faster.

Click here for more information about Massachusetts Family Paid and Sick Leave or the benefits your business needs to offer.

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