GOP Congressman Slammed for Making False Emergency Calls to Capitol Police to Take a look at Their Response Time

US Representative Jeff Fortenberry phoned the Capitol Police incorrectly to test their response time. The Nebraska Republican did it twice last week, reports HuffPost, and the Capitol Police are “angry” with one calling it “reprehensible.”

Congressman Fortenberry did not call 911 but instead called the police using the forced button installed in his office that was connected to the Capitol Police. But he told them he was testing the button so they didn’t answer.

HuffPost reports: “According to officials, Republican lawmakers have not tested the device themselves. He was testing how quickly the police would get to his office. When they didn’t come, he pressed the button a second time. The officers were almost in his office when they learned it was a test and turned around. This apparently upset Fortenberry, who concluded the officials were slow to react. “

An official says the Capitol Police Department “is already overworked and hypervigilant for actual threats. Morale cannot get worse. “

“This type of behavior by a member or his staff is reprehensible,” they added.

“Apparently,” said another, “he doesn’t feel safe in a building with 800 officers.”

At least four Capitol police officers have died in the past few months. Officer William “Billy” Evans was last killed earlier this month after a madman stormed the gates in his car and wounded a second officer. The day after the January 6 riot, policeman Brian Sicknick died after two strokes. This was the result of a report just published. And two other officers died by suicide in the days following the January 6 riot.

On social media, many, including some voters, are angry.

The Capitol Police had 720,000 overtime hours in 2020 with 233 vacancies and that idiot is playing with them?

– mishanti2 (@ mishanti2) April 20, 2021

As part of it, I’m not sure it could find its way out of a wet paper bag.

– Dave Feit (@FeitCanWrite) April 20, 2021

Fellow Nebraskans, we could have sent @katejbolz to Congress to represent ourselves with fairness and dignity. Because @JeffFortenberry has an R behind his name, that’s no longer enough. As a state, we bleed young families who want better leaders. Prank calling the police is not okay.

– Jane Fleming Kleeb (@janekleeb) April 20, 2021

Something is telling me that if you or I did that there would be fees

– erin (@ heyerin123) April 20, 2021

That should be a reason for expulsion.

– Leo Horishny @ (@LHorishny) April 20, 2021

Fortenberry is my congress clerk … he’s absolutely embarrassing Nebraska. Refuses to meet with constituents or hold personal town hall meetings! Https:// via @HuffPostPol

– Diane A Burton (@ daurelia47) April 21, 2021

@ JeffFortenberry proves once again that he is an arrogant, selfish, great, and ineffective Congressman. While it is taking away valuable time and resources from the CP, what things are they not doing? Then there is the fact that there are at least 432 representatives who are more important than him.

– Dennis Grady (@ Franz_Kafka1), April 20, 2021

Fortenberry is again abusing police resources. In 2018, Fortenberry used the LPD to track people who destroyed a courtyard sign.

– Dennis P. Crawford (@DennisPCrawford) April 20, 2021

He was to be sent to DC Jail to test the accommodations.

– John Miller (@jjmblog) April 20, 2021

Republicans are generally selective scoffers

– Dave Talltree, son of Wymo from Mokuleia (@ unsc1325) April 20, 2021

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