Generic for Lyrica May Decrease Declare Prices| Employees Compensation Information

Friday, May 7, 2021 | 0

A generic prolonged release pregabalin tablet that hit the market in April is likely to lower the cost of claims that include Lyrica CR as part of the medication regimen, according to Optum Workers’ Comp and Auto No-Fault.

While Lyrica CR isn’t a common feature in Medicare’s retirement for employee compensation, Optum expects the newly released generic to be about 40% cheaper.

The generic pregabalin extended-release formulation is only approved for the treatment of pain caused by damaged nerves associated with diabetes and shingles. Unlike the immediate-release formulation, it’s not approved for nerve pain associated with spinal cord injury, seizures, or fibromyalgia, Optum said.

“It is our recommendation that freight forwarders (third-party administrators) and claims handlers report cases where the brand name Lyrica CR has been prescribed to see if generic pregabalin ER will be prescribed in the near future,” said Optum. “It is expected that prescriptions for the brand name Lyrica CR will be switched to the generic formulation in the next few months. If not, it is recommended that the attending physician initiate a trial with the generic drug. “

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