Fox Information Names Former Trump DOJ Spokesperson and Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Legal professional as New Washington Editor

“I’m always happy to have this conversation with you, even about your great socks you are wearing today.”

After President Joe Biden held his press conference Thursday, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy went on television to complain that he had not been called. There were 30 reporters in the room, the president called on ten, eight of whom were women, which was clearly an attempt to support women during the Month of Women’s History.

Doocy reiterated his complaints Friday during the daily White House press conference, claiming, “Whenever the president has an event where he gets a list of reporters to call on Fox, he is the only member of the five network- TV pools that have never been active the list ”and the question of whether“ this is the official administrative policy? “

Psaki didn’t have it.

“We have a conversation here, don’t we?” She asked.

“Yes,” replied Doocy.

“And do I take questions from you every time you walk into the meeting room?”

“Yes,” he had to admit again. “But -“

“And has the President asked you questions since you came in, since you took office? Yes or no? ”Psaki pressed.

Doocy, obviously still upset, even though there are many other reporters far more experienced than him who don’t get called as often as they’d like, said, almost pouting, “Only when I screamed after going through his whole listing . “

He had to admit that President Biden “was very generous with his time and thoughts,” but again insisted on re-asking his question: “I’m just curious about this list he gave.”

“Well,” continued Psaki, “I would say that I am always happy to have this conversation with you, even about your fantastic socks that you wear today, that you wear today, and a conversation with you, even if we disagree. The President has answered your questions and I look forward to doing Fox News Sunday this Sunday for the third time in recent months. I think we have to keep going because we have a limited amount of time. “


Peter Doocy complains that Fox News can’t ask enough questions of the Biden administration. Psaki doesn’t really have it.

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 26, 2021

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