Former Federal Prosecutor Destroys ‘Sociopath’ Trump After Dems Finish Impeachment Arguments

Former federal attorney Chuck Rosenberg destroyed Donald Trump minutes after the Democrats closed their impeachment lawsuit against the former president.

“This president has no soul,” said Rosenberg, saying that even in his work it is rare to meet people like Trump who have no remorse for their actions.

Rosenberg was the US attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and for the Southern District of Texas. He was also a senior FBI officer.

“I was a prosecutor for a long time,” Rosenberg, now an MSNBC employee, told Nicolle Wallace on Thursday afternoon. “It’s incredibly rare for a federal criminal court to see someone with no remorse, someone without compassion, someone without a soul in a criminal investigation.”

“There’s a word for that kind of people, they’re sociopaths. Where do you see a sociopath? You don’t see them in real life, where do you see them? They tend to be the villains in Bond films. Sociopaths and psychopaths. People who function without the appearance of compassion or humanity. I think you saw her in Harry Potter films too, a guy named Voldemort. “

“This president has no soul. He has no pity. He has no regrets. You know, when we talk about the things he didn’t do – judge the attackers, tell them to stop. To this day, it’s because I don’t think he understands that part of the president’s role, the part that he was never able to do, was expressing compassion, facing the opportunity, and being president. It seems to me, and I am not a doctor, I am not going to diagnose anyone, but the biggest fundamental flaw in this president is that he is acting like a sociopath and it’s not just what we hear so much about. ”

“It throws paper towels at hurricane victims. Standing in front of the CIA memorial wall on his second day in office never recognizing that the stars behind him stood for men and women who died in the service of their country. He radically misunderstood what it meant to be president, or, in this case, a presidential candidate when he mocked a disabled reporter or a Gold Star family. And since it is this total lack of empathy that turns into what we now call a breach of duty, but the man basically doesn’t understand what duty is, I don’t realize that he can even expire. To be forfeited one must know what duty is and then refuse to do it. And so I leave it to others to diagnose the man, I’m not a doctor. I’m hardly a lawyer, but I think he’s acting like a sociopath, and that’s the basic problem here. “


Could no longer agree with Chuck Rosenberg’s assessment that Trump’s actions were 100% consistent with those of sociopaths.

No empathy. No shame No mercy. No lessons learned. There’s no way he’ll stop being a threat to our country if the Senate doesn’t #ConvictAndDisqualify him.

– 🇺🇸🇭🇹 Only4RM 🇭🇹🇺🇸 (@ Only4RM) February 11, 2021

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