FBI Warns Congress of Extra Potential QAnon Violence Focusing on Democratic Lawmakers

House minority Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has told his parliamentary group that he supports MP Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the QAnon Congresswoman who has repeatedly supported the assassination of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Axios reports that McCarthy said on Wednesday that he was “against the removal of MP Marjorie Taylor Greene’s committee seats at this time,” a House Democratic request.

In a recently released defense statement, McCarthy accused the Democrats of “raising the temperature by taking the unprecedented move to advance their partisan takeover of the other party’s committee assignments”.

The Republican Party makes it clear every day that it refuses to hold any of its members accountable, from Donald Trump onwards.

McCarthy delayed responding to outrage voiced across the country in recent years over Greene’s statement, actions and conduct. He spoke to her on Tuesday evening, after which she refused to apologize. On Wednesday morning she seemed to suggest, in defiant religious shouting, that God take her to the halls of Congress.

Some Republicans have spoken out against Greene in the past 24 hours, saying they don’t want QAnon to become the face of the Republican Party. By announcing that he is backing Greene and refusing to take action against her, McCarthy only made it happen now.

This is a breaking news and a developing story.

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