Far Proper Sen. Blackburn Affords Odd Excuse After She’s Caught Spreading Lies About Biden’s Extensively-Fashionable Plans

President Donald Trump, Lara Trump and the Trump family were berated this weekend for reports that he and his daughter-in-law Lara received approximately $ 2 million from an animal rescue organization. These donations were likely made to help the group save dogs, not to help the former president’s finances.

At a charity event this weekend held in Mar-a-Lago, Trump told Big Dog Ranch Rescue donors that he was a big advocate of helping dogs.

“What you do is so important. It’s so great and so important. And I’m 100 percent with you, ”says Trump in Mar-a-Lago in the following video.

“And we had a lot of meetings in the White House, in the Oval Office, about saving dogs and helping them. And that’s exactly what we wanted to do. “

That’s a lie.

“And tremendous progress has been made,” he continued. “We actually had a lot of meetings and things that I would never have thought possible in terms of the cruelty and horrific things that happen. And we turned it around and made great things out of it. “

President Trump’s surprise speech at @ BDRRescue’s fundraiser. pic.twitter.com/xfVcgDtigG

– TA Walker (@timallanwalker) March 12, 2021

NCRM searched the Trump White House archives and found many references to dogs, few positive and none relating to dog rescue meetings.

The Washington Post agrees.

“A review of Trump’s calendar as president shows no other events or meetings focused on dogs or pets,” said Philip Bump of the Post. “It is certainly the case that Trump’s days were often filled with informal conversations in person and over the phone, some of which may have included a discussion on the subject.”

HuffPost reported this weekend that a “dog rescue charity with ties to Lara Trump has spent up to $ 1.9 million on former President Donald Trump’s properties over the past seven years and in his Mar-a-Lago Country will drop another quarter of a million club this weekend. “

Here are some articles on dogs we found in Trump’s White House archives.

January 10, 2018: “The drugs are far more dangerous than ever for many reasons. Even the dogs can’t find it. If they chase them, they’ll die. The dogs only die from the smell. Nobody has ever seen anything like it. So you imagine what it does to people, “said Trump when the law was signed.

Aug 13, 2020: “And then look at what happened in Virginia, where 500,000 applications are randomly sent to people who have no idea what happened. And they admitted they made a mistake. And many were sent to the dead, and many were sent to – one number was sent – I think two – that at least two, three, four were sent to dogs. One was sent to a cat, “Trump said in a briefing published that day.

August 18, 2020: “You have to vote – voting rights. You can’t have millions and millions of ballots sent everywhere – to people who are dead; sent to dogs, cats; sent to all. I mean this is a serious situation. These are not games, “said Trump while signing a proclamation marking the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the constitution.

The Post adds, “People who failed or whom Trump tried to portray as impotent were suffocated like dogs or were fired like dogs or couldn’t be voted dog catchers.” The dogs he liked were the ones who caught drug dealers (far better than drug detection technology, Trump often said and wrote to anonymous law enforcement officers) or the military dog ​​credited with capturing the leader of the Islamic State before turning himself killed. “

“In fact, I love dogs,” Trump said at a Conan celebration event. The dog was credited with the removal of an Islamic head of state, “but they gave the dog full credit.”

“You did me no credit,” he added, “but that’s okay.”

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