Ex-TWW employee recordsdata civil rights criticism, says she was fired for being disabled | Information

TRENTON – A former Trenton Water Works lab technician says she was fired and treated unfairly for being disabled, records show.

Camilla O’Neal was hired by Trenton Water Works in March 2018 but had problems at her workplace shortly after her tenure. This resulted in a complaint she filed with the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Department.

O’Neal was hired in March 2018 and said she was suspended twice within a year after complaining to operations manager Taya Brown-Humphrey about her treatment.

She made allegations of discrimination and hostile work in the complaint and said she was treated differently from another worker.

O’Neal said she was the subject of “frivolous” attributions, claiming the city papered the walls to get rid of her.

She was suspended a second time in November 2019 on allegations that she had falsified records, the complaint said. The city released O’Neal in August 2020.

The city is expected to send a response to the AG’s office in the next 20 calendar days, the letter said.

O’Neal and a TWW spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment.

Since taking office, Mayor Reed Gusciora’s government has tried to raise the profile of the beleaguered TWW.

The city remains under regulatory approval with the Department of Environmental Protection, which filed a lawsuit last year to get the city to address longstanding water issues.

Gusciora said the city has filled dozens of vacancies and is working to replace thousands of pipelines that were causing the water problems.

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