Dominion Sues Professional-Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell in Large $1.three Billion Conspiracy Principle Defamation Lawsuit

Dominion Voting Systems on Friday fulfilled its founder’s promise to sue pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell in a massive $ 1.3 billion lawsuit for defamation. Powell has pioneered wild conspiracy theories accusing Dominion of rigging the elections against President Trump.

“Powell falsely alleged that Dominion rigged the elections, Dominion was founded in Venezuela to rig elections for Hugo Chavez, and Dominion bribed Georgian officials for an no-bid contract,” the lawsuit said, according to NBC News. “In December, Dominion sent cease and desist letters to some conservative media outlets promoting these theories, including Fox News and OAN, which led them to reject their claims.”

Another excerpt from the 124-page complaint:

“You are all damned dead” – news trumpeters sent to rule after Sidney Powell launched her smear campaign

– Oliver Willis (@owillis) January 8, 2021

On Monday, Dominion’s founder and CEO said Powell was “by far the most prolific and outrageous provider of false information about Dominion in our opinion. What you said did real harm. “

Post Dominion is suing pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell in a massive $ 1.3 billion defamation lawsuit first published in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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