Devastating Testimony About George Floyd’s Remaining Moments From Teen Who Recorded Video: ‘He Knew It Was Over for Him.’

The teenager, who recorded a video documenting the murder of George Floyd, gave devastating testimony on Tuesday, telling jury that she’d seen the 46-year-old black man, whose throat was under for up to 9 minutes and 30 seconds Policeman Derek Chauvin’s knee was down, knowing he was dying.

Prosecutors asked Darnella Frazier, who was then underage and only testified via audio, “to tell the jury what you saw and heard when you stopped to see what was going on there”.

“I heard George Floyd say, ‘I can’t breathe, please. Get off me I can’t breathe, ”Frazier replied. “He, he cried for his mother. He was in pain. “

“It seemed like he knew that he knew it was over for him. He was afraid. He suffered. That was a cry for help. “

Frazier “got emotional when she described Floyd” suffering “and begging for his life,” reports CBS News.

“Another teenage witness who also videotaped the encounter said she could see Floyd ‘struggling to breathe’ and that ‘time is running out or it was already’.”


The teenager who filmed the fatal arrest of George Floyd testified today at the Derek Chauvin trial:

“It seemed like he knew it was over for him. He was afraid, he was suffering. “Https://

– CBS News (@CBSNews) March 30, 2021

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