‘DC Is Dissolved’: Trump Supporters Freak Out As a result of They Can’t Correctly Learn Google Maps

Qanon supporters believe Washington, DC, was “disbanded” prior to the alleged reopening of former President Donald Trump.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the former president will come back to power on Thursday March 4th, which was the day of his inauguration, until the 20th Amendment is passed in 1933 and set as January 20th, and they point out the lack of “DC” on Google and Apple maps in support of their clams, Newsweek reported.

“Did cards only ever say Washington?” said popular Qanon conspirator @GhostEzra on Telegram-encrypted messaging app. “Thought it said Washington DC?”

Google doesn’t label the country’s capital as DC, but does identify the District of Columbia at state lines.

“I just searched Washington DC on my iPhone Apple Maps and it only shows Washington, not DC. This also applies to Google Maps & Mapquest, ”replied a follower. “DC is dissolved.”

Trump supporters complained that Google and Apple cards did not provide direction to Washington prior to the January 6th “Stop The Steal” protest that led to the deadly uprising, but independent fact-checkers have exposed these claims.

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