Cruz’s Votes for Trump’s Unqualified Nominees Resurface After He Blasts Biden HHS Nominee As a result of Is not a Virologist

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz attacks President Joe Biden’s candidate for Minister of Health and Human Services, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, for not being a virologist or a doctor and for being part of a lawsuit against the Catholic Agency Little Sisters of the Poor .

Becerra was a US Congressman for 24 years before becoming attorney general in 2017. He holds a law degree from Stanford.

“You know you talked about extreme candidates. Javier Becerra is an example of this, “Senator Cruz told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday night.

“The Biden administration likes to talk about how they are science based and their priority is to stop COVID. Well, Javier Becerra has been appointed Secretary for Health and Human Services. He’s not a doctor. He has no scientific background. He has no background in virology, he has never worked in a pharmaceutical company, he has nothing to do with healthcare. But what is, he’s a trial attorney, and his only experience, as far as I can tell, in the health service is suing the little sisters of the poor and when a Republican nominated a trial attorney to run the health and human services department in the US heads in the midst of a global pandemic, they would be laughed out of the room for being absurd, and yet the focus of the Biden administration is on repaying the liberal special interest, non-science based, and defeating the pandemic. “

Senator Cruz voted to uphold all of President Donald Trump’s nominations, though many of them are largely unqualified, as many are noticing on social media.

Among the most egregious examples, Cruz voted to call Dr. Ben Carson to be confirmed as Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development, despite having no experience in housing or public policy.

He voted to confirm Betsy DeVos as education minister despite not being a teacher, not having an educational qualification and being a known opposition to public schools.

Cruz voted to confirm John Ratcliff as director of National Intelligence, even though he had so little experience that his nomination was literally unlawful.

He also voted to confirm Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy. Perry admitted he’d taken the job without knowing what it actually was. He thought he was traveling the world promoting US oil. A large part of the energy minister’s work is concerned with the disposal of nuclear waste. President Obama’s energy secretary was a nuclear physicist.

Of course, Cruz also endorsed Donald Trump, a real estate mogul with zero experience managing, government, or managing a large organization but with a history of bankruptcies, lies, and credible allegations of sexual abuse from dozens of women as president. Twice.


In the middle of a pandemic, Joe Biden nominated Xavier Becerra for HHS.

Becerra has no background in virology, he has never worked in a pharmaceutical company, and his only experience in healthcare is suing the little sisters of the poor.

– Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) February 23, 2021

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