Biden DOJ Might Defend Trump in 1/6 Lawsuits – Columnist Suing Him Who Says He Raped Her Livid

Roger Stone is reportedly under investigation for his role in planning the January 6 uprising to reverse Donald Trump’s loss in the election.

Federal prosecutors are setting up conspiracy proceedings against right-wing militants who allegedly planned the uprising, and investigators are investigating the role Stone and Alex Jones may have played in radicalizing Trump supporters who joined the attack on the U.S. Capitol according to the Los Angeles Times right-wing columnist Harry Litman.

“I think they leave no stone unturned to represent and determine the color of what happened here, the insurgents were influenced by staff, members of Congress, Trump loyalists like Roger Stone and Alex Jones,” Litman told Zerlina Maxwell from MSNBC. “They really want to paint a full picture instead of – we see the biggest charges against some of the people, it’s criminal conspiracy and insurrection, they’re packing a lot of wallop already, and that’s the overall code they’re chasing, but” the picture is rightly an image of terrorism. They were local terrorists. “

Stone and Jones have been mentioned in court documents for other defendants, and they both spoke at rallies the night before the attack and the morning of January 6, and Litman suggested that investigators believe they may have contributed to the riot to instigate.

“They weren’t just there,” he says. “You made really inflammatory comments and, you see, we already have a conspiracy – nine people have been charged, so everyone, including Stone, Jones, [Ali] Alexander, who pursued this unlawful purpose and committed every overt act, would be guilty of the conspiracy. In the case of a stone, we know from previous behavior that the [Justice] The Department generally does not spoil persecuting him and former Trump people, but the ultimate goal here is to really go, pardon the phrase, no stone unturned on January 6th. “

Investigators appear to be focused on determining whether these individuals helped radicalize participants like Thomas Webster, a former New York police officer accused of attacking Capitol police during the riot.

“Even if it’s just a matter of understanding why these other people, the Webster of the world, got radicalized and why they listened to this blatantly false propaganda, you still want to know about Stone and Jones and so on,” Litman said. “But could there be any potential fees? You can bet on it because it’s just a matter of accepting the same agreement that has already been billed. “

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