CNN Anchor Decimates Franklin Graham for His Blatant Election Disinformation: ‘Do You Stand Corrected?’

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham recently made the rounds on national television trying to convince its supporters to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but on Tuesday CNN’s Brianna Keilar decided to address the vaccine disinformation issue – which is rife among conservative evangelicals – to the problem of elections to associate disinformation – which is also widespread among conservative evangelicals and who put his feet to the fire to partake of the lie that Donald Trump won the election.

Graham was a source of election disinformation. On January 4, two days before the deadly uprising, he said it “makes sense to me” that Republican senators “do not vote … to confirm the results of the presidential election pending an examination of the states in question”.

December 28th, he also spread election disinformation:

Lots of people believe that the presidential election was stolen from @realDonaldTrump, and if Conservatives lose control of the Senate, there is nothing that can stop the left’s radical agenda. There won’t be another chance to get this right. The nation depends on you. 2/2

– Franklin Graham (@Franklin_Graham) December 28, 2020

On December 19, Graham spread election loopholes and other pro-Trump lies:

Since the 2016 elections, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump has been falsely accused, defamed and attacked. He told us that his campaign was being spied on. He was right. He told us there was no collusion. He was right. When he says this election was rigged or stolen, I tend to believe him.

– Franklin Graham (@Franklin_Graham) December 19, 2020

These are just a few of the times Graham helped advance the lie that stole the election.

Keilar didn’t specifically mention it, but she said that the “disinformation we see that vaccines are hesitant among evangelicals, that it is really part of a larger disinformation problem that involves lying about the outcome of the [2020] Election Trump won, not Biden, what many evangelicals believe that enlivened them. Do you regret publicly questioning the outcome? “

Graham insisted that “73 million Americans out there have election concerns. Look, I think it’s time to move on, the elections are over and we have to go the way as a country moves forward. President Biden is the president. “

She didn’t let him off the hook that easily.

“It’s not over, sir, sir, respectfully,” insisted Keilar. “Reverend, respectful, for many people it’s not over yet. I mean, we’re going to look at this audit in Arizona. So how do you make up for anything so that you don’t believe what you said about believing in Trump back in December when he said it was rigged? “

Graham repeated his previous answer.

“Over 73 million people out there who feel this choice was a fun business,” he falsely claimed. While 60% of Republicans believe the elections were stolen, 73 million people don’t.

“I moved to Brianna. We’re trying to save lives. We have a real crisis ahead of us and I want to work with the Biden administration if we can try to extract information that will save lives. And for me the election is behind us, President Biden won, he is sworn in, and let’s just get on with it, ”Graham insisted.

“With all due respect, sir, I understand you are saying that, but there are people who doubt the outcome of the election, we are not going any further, and many people, including yourself, have told them not to do this in essence do or question the outcome of that election, you have done it more than a month after the outcome of the election. Are you, are you standing corrected? Is what you said wrong? “

“No, I don’t think it’s wrong, Brianna. I just think that is what it is. We have 73 million – “

“So you’re saying that Joe Biden didn’t win the election, but that you’re going to move on? I just want to be very clear about what you are saying. “

“No, no, let’s be very clear. I said I’m going on. He’s the president and if he needs our support he needs our prayers, ”said Graham, refusing to admit that he was wrong.

“Okay sir, I’m just going to say a lot of people haven’t moved on, they believe, like you say, they have concerns about the election, a lot of them believe it was inaccurate, and there have been people in positions of power including yourself that gave them reason to believe, “said Keilar, again blaming Graham,” but look, sir. We definitely look forward to having you. “


Rev. @Franklin_Graham says taking the Covid-19 vaccine is a “personal choice,” but he encourages people to do so, especially in his evangelical community.

“I think they are learning … and I think they are going to take it,” he adds

– New Day (@NewDay) May 18, 2021

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