Civil Rights Act of 1964 | Letters

TC Richardson, Stevensville

Today’s shopkeepers can contact Dr. Remember Martin Luther King as a religious black preacher from the south who spoke out against all forms of discrimination. The time was good for the 1960s protesters advocating the civil rights movement. We have matured into homeowners, business owners, bank presidents, politicians, and firefighters. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is renewed every year and is considered a federal civil rights law that prohibits all forms of discrimination in nearly all public businesses and removes the ideology behind the old “whites only” and “no negroes” signs … or ?

I asked Dr. Martin Luther King asked whether there is a difference between “only whites” and “only masks” and he could not answer. When today’s store clerk says, “You must ____________” before you can enter the store, shop, or purchase goods, Dr. King hurt. “Whites only” or “Masks only” is discrimination. It’s no different than telling a black person they can’t drink from your fountain or eat at your counter like they are dirty and have germs that would infect white people. And for businesses to say that they are non-discriminatory because they don’t prevent people from going to another business is the same lame excuse given to dark skinned people in the 1960s: “Go into your own business and yours own places, but not “. Only white places (not just masking places) are not welcome here. “It’s time to breathe freely Montana!

– TC Richardson, Stevensville

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