George Conway Delivers Dangerous Information to Trump on Jail Time Awaiting Him for His Georgia Election Tampering

Attorney George Conway responded to a Washington Post bombshell report that contained audio of Donald Trump begging and then urging Georgia’s foreign minister to recalculate the total number of presidential elections in his state and bring it to nearly 12,000 votes. He announced to the President that he had just committed a tape crime and is watching a prison time.

According to the WaPo report, Trump said to Republican Brad Raffensperger, “So look. I just want to do that. I just want to find 11,780 votes, one more than us. Because we won the state. There is no way I lost Georgia. There is no possibility. We won by hundreds of thousands of votes. “

Conway suggested that this amounted to election rigging.

With that in mind, he helpfully tweeted to the President – and whoever is his attorney these days – the relevant penalties for attempting or suggesting fraud.

Pursuant to 52 USC Section 20511 (2) (B): “Any person, including an electoral officer, who knowingly and deliberately robbed, defrauded, or attempted to rob or defrauded the residents of a state in any federal election in a fair and impartial manner electoral process conducted by (A) obtaining or filing applications for voter registration known to be materially false, fictitious or fraudulent under the laws of the state in which the election is taking place; or
(B) Obtaining, submitting, or tabulating ballot papers known to be materially false, fictional or fraudulent under the laws of the state in which the election is being held will be fined under Title 18 (which fines are paid into the general fund of the Treasury, various receipts (pursuant to Title 31 section 3302, regardless of any other law) or imprisoned for no more than 5 years or both. “

You can see Conway’s tweet below:

52 USC § 20511 (2) (B): https: //

– George Conway (@ gtconway3d) January 3, 2021

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